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Synonyms for afflictive

marked by, causing, or experiencing physical pain

Synonyms for afflictive

causing misery or pain or distress


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Yoga is traditionally understood as cultivating concentrative awareness and a unified experience of the self through physical postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), inner awareness (pratyahara), concentration (dharana), and meditation (dhyana), with consequent improved health through a separation process from afflictive cognitive, emotional, behavioural, and autonomic patterns and a shift towards adaptive coping skills [4, 5].
If one is also experiencing the "afflictive emotions" of anxiety, fear, or bitterness, this will manifest itself in greater suffering.
In its evaluation, the ECtHR relies on three criteria: the classification of the illegal act under national law (which nevertheless has only relative value); the nature of the violation or illegal act (general application of the law which defines the offense; importance of the violation); (30) the nature and gravity of the penalty (punitive-deterrent purpose of the punishment; (31) extent to which the penalty is afflictive; (32) extent to which the afflictive penalty is appropriate for the type of violation (33)).
His ideas allow to understand the importance of time and space in building a logical narrative, in this case for the consultant's life and afflictive situation, as well as to define this type of narratives as a dialogical phenomenon.
The focus of this study will be on task and afflictive conflicts, whereas relational conflicts will not be studied as these are beyond the scope of the study.
In Dark Night, "afflictive suffering" empties "all the affections and imperfect habits which [the soul] has contracted in its whole life"; the soul "suffer[s] great undoing and inward torment" (51-52) in order that it may experience exaltation in the end.
Chapter 9, the conclusion, returns to the book's vital claim that the agency cultivated in mediumship performs the medium as both an instrument and an agent who gradually attunes herself to a presence who is experienced as "alien, disturbing, afflictive, or simply foreign" (p.
Critics of this comprehensive sentiment of solidarity have observed, oftentimes with a certain degree of aversion, that it is but a cheap substitute of radical goodness and that those who embrace all poor victims or all mankind inevitably fail to help one single individual in afflictive need of practical support.
Eating thus becomes an afflictive task that Lia has to force herself to undertake.
The mind-body-spirit connection reveals interesting six topics such as Ethics (Three Views of Virtue, Afflictive and nourishing emotions: impacts on health), Biological foundations (The body's self, The brains and emotions, Stress, trauma and the body), Skillful means as medicines (Mindfulness as medicine, Behavioral medicine), Emotion and culture (The virtues of Christian and Buddhist traditions, The roots of self-esteem: differences between East and West), The nature of awareness (Mind, brain and body in dialogue, Subtleties of consciousness), A universal ethic (Medicine and compassion).
Luckhurst argues that this aggressively afflictive magic served as a parallel to the punitive powers of the mummy's curse.
The consequences of fungal pathogens might be diminutive inflammation, although occasionally the outcome can be more afflictive. The fungi had recently been proclaimed to be the stimulatory cause of irritation, scaling and swelling, mostly establishing epidemic after the fungal hyphae had invaded the cell and had entrenched itself.