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Synonyms for affliction

Synonyms for affliction

a state of physical or mental suffering

the condition of being sick

something hard to bear physically or emotionally

a cause of suffering or harm

Words related to affliction

a state of great suffering and distress due to adversity

a condition of suffering or distress due to ill health

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Afflictions & Departures may well become your nostalgia, whether it's based on your time period and location or not.
In his book, The Last Exorcist - My Fight Against Satan, he claimed the mere presence of the pontiff cured the men of their demonic afflictions.
Alzheimer's is one of the worst afflictions that can affect humankind - it's victims receive a fate worse than death, forgetting who they are and who everyone they love and care for's very faces-something no one would wish on their worst enemy.
In a release issued by the Presidency, and received by Aswat al-Iraq a" Voices of Iraq a" (VOI), President Talabani was quoted saying in a message of condolensce sent to Sayid Muqtada al-Sadr that "the ugly crime" that targeted Sayid Riyadh al-Nuri is "a sinful attempt to disturb the stability, create afflictions, and to push toward fighting between brothers in home, religion, and sect.
Insanity, sexual deviance, and emotional torment are just some of the afflictions that plague the characters of Boris Eifman's ballets, which center on the inner lives of historical and literary personages from Tehaikovsky to Anna Karenina.
Very highly recommended for its vivid depiction of unseen historical afflictions, Nightmare's Fairy Tale is an ideal addition for the reading lists of non-specialist general reading fans with an intrigue for historical, Judaic, and World War II memoirs.
Our current project will be of significant benefit to Einstein and will help medical science find better and more humane treatments for such afflictions as stroke, liver disease, diabetes and neurological trauma," said Adam Gottbetter, the division's chairman and managing partner of Gottbetter & Partners LLP, a multi-disciplinary law firm that offers legal and corporate financial service to private and public companies.
After noting that "aides disclosed that he was suffering from a low platelet count and had undergone a platelet transfusion," Rosenthal stated that "low platelet counts in the blood are a common finding in a wide range of afflictions, including severe infections, liver disease, end stage cancer and even AIDS.
Malaria and yellow fever, like plague, typhoid, and cholera, are basically social, not climatic, afflictions.
sold flowers are from Colombia, where two-thirds of workers suffer from such afflictions as headaches, impaired vision, asthma and miscarriages caused by the pesticides, according to the Pesticide Action Network North America.
If that is not enough to worry about, there are some less serious conditions that your computer can catch, but they are still annoying afflictions, Brown says.
Third, idiocy is traditionally identified with all the difficulties poor people experienced; there was no perceptible difference between idiocy and other afflictions.
There appear to be too many infants left with horrendous afflictions for the rest of their lives.
The coming afflictions suffered for the dirt of love is made from wood with a circular cross section, while that of the slightly larger It's they, me or the red hawthorne tree, which faces it across the gallery, is pentagonal.
Mental illnesses, being valid afflictions, necessarily should be treated with the same respect and compensation as are direct physiological disorders.