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Synonyms for affliction

Synonyms for affliction

a state of physical or mental suffering

the condition of being sick

something hard to bear physically or emotionally

a cause of suffering or harm

Words related to affliction

a state of great suffering and distress due to adversity

a condition of suffering or distress due to ill health

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'When I married Maryam, she had some spiritual afflictions. I have visited many native doctors to find solutions to her afflictions,' he said.
Through this book, I tried to explain to them afflictions that may be holding them and maybe as they read this book they may find answers to some of the afflictions,' explained Morapedi.
Among the casualties was the government's vaccination program covering several afflictions for which vaccines have been successfully administered worldwide for many years, with little or no controversy.
Basically cleft lip and palate is a broken oral cavity and domain of experts, who manage afflictions of oral cavity very routinely.
Accomplished author Madeline Sonik delivers a standout memoir with Afflictions & Departures, a book in which the narrator and the era are both central figures.
In his book, The Last Exorcist - My Fight Against Satan, he claimed the mere presence of the pontiff cured the men of their demonic afflictions.
The rigors of medical training sharpen a doctor's ability to diagnose and treat a wide variety of human afflictions. However, drug abuse and addiction are often insufficiently covered in medical school curricula, despite the fact that drug use affects a wide range of health conditions and drug abuse and addiction are themselves major public health issues.
The Caricom trade bloc says red palm mites, giant African snails and other afflictions are killing hundreds of palms and other plants in the Caribbean.
Alzheimer's is one of the worst afflictions that can affect humankind - it's victims receive a fate worse than death, forgetting who they are and who everyone they love and care for's very faces-something no one would wish on their worst enemy.
"According to my personal judgment, they are the Saddamis and Baathists who tried, since the toppling of the former regime, to drag the country to a Sunni a" Shiite affliction; they destructed shrines, killed scholars, and detonated Husseiniyats (Shiite mosques)," Abu-Golal said, commenting on the sides that engender afflictions in Iraq.
The index of searchable themes ranges from "afflictions" to "temptation" (no mention of justice or poverty is found).
Fight Your Health Insurer and Win: Secrets of the Insurance Warrior is a distillation of what she learned--a lifesaving, no-nonsense guide written especially for sufferers of cancer and other deadly medical afflictions. Chapters cover how to qualify one's own doctors (and make sure one's provider is not only generally competent, but an expert in one's specific affliction), manage one's own care, find the best care possible for one's disease, and force one's health insurer to bear the full cost (a common practice among insurers is to pay an "out-of-network benefit" that covers only 60%-80% of the cost--which is just not enough when some surgeries can cost, $200,000 or more).
Insanity, sexual deviance, and emotional torment are just some of the afflictions that plague the characters of Boris Eifman's ballets, which center on the inner lives of historical and literary personages from Tehaikovsky to Anna Karenina.
Very highly recommended for its vivid depiction of unseen historical afflictions, Nightmare's Fairy Tale is an ideal addition for the reading lists of non-specialist general reading fans with an intrigue for historical, Judaic, and World War II memoirs.
Our post-modern age boasts a proliferation of phobias, syndromes, addictions, and afflictions. I'd like to make my own modest contribution to the annals of 21st-century angst by discussing Fisherman's Wife Syndrome.