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Synonyms for afflatus

divine guidance and motivation imparted directly


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a strong creative impulse

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As I have already pointed out, within a theosophical system all of these individuals would have been expected to share a portion of this divine afflatus and to each remain linked to God to some degree.
Rather than use its scale to produce the weightless afflatus of a family saga, The Stranger's Child captures as well as anything I've read the particular gravity of time passing, and the irrecoverable losses it brings with it.
under the table propped up at right angles folded until they froth, to triple unaccountability to an afflatus, doing as the banks just did, not as the banks just said, 1 understand the hole that George is in, a dot whose innuendo comes too late, the flush for spirit toilet-trained to life, not alone in thinking we are alone, but at the same time degraded by an internal inquiry to the death set to muzak to the ingrown ears of outgrown human sex toys blown up about to do anything you can think or may fear or will never wear out and be deflated to make passion immutable (This is conducive to heat and does not require frequent cleaning, saving time and effort and money.
The paintings by Chioma on Ifa during this time of torment and uncertainty in her artistic development inaugurate the tension between inspiration and perspiration as to which of the two plays a more crucial and defining role in the creative afflatus and sensibility of the artist.
Flattering the Athenian jurors with his afflatus, Sophocles read aloud the opening stasimon of the yet-unpublished Oedipus at Colonus, including the ode to Athens.
MENCKEN, The Divine Afflatus, in PREJUDICES: SECOND SERIES 155, 158 (1920).
A kind of divine afflatus flows into the poet and transforms him completely.
Top- of- the- line acts, such as the Bangalore- based Raghu Dixit Project, Bangladesh singers Nagarbaul and James and some less well- known ones such as the all- girls band from Shillong, Afflatus, captivated with their electrifying performances, on day one of the three- day long, South Asian Bands Festival at the Purana Qila.
to the point that man "[eagerly] spoke at once as soon as he had received breath from life-giving Power", and for Dante "it is more human in man to make himself heard than to hear, (18) provided that he is heard and hears as a man" ("loquentem primum, mox post afflatus est ab animante Virtute, incunctanter fuisse locutum.
human person that is recipient of the divine afflatus (see Gen 2:7).
Apart from Peter's somewhat windy transcendental rhetoric about the oneness of all creation, and the narrator's up-beat lyrical afflatus at the end, the novel is otherwise notable for its vision of darkness and discontinuity in which the 'gap' between North and South, town and country, small town and metropolis, dream and reality, Protestant and Catholic, tradition and modernity, seems to become ever wider.
Just as Very envisages himself as a vehicle and instrument of the Holy Ghost who has obliterated his personal will and penetrated his consciousness, in his passive surrender to inspiration the Whitmanian speaker becomes a channel of the divine energy of life in its multiple forms: "Urge and urge and urge,/ Always the procreant urge of the world" (Whitman 1982: 28, [section] 3); "Through me the afflatus surging and surging.
The Afflatus of Ruin: Meditations on Rome by Du Bellay, Spenser, and Stevens.
The afflatus of becoming visible saints is intoxicating.
116); PL 142:1199: "Igitur sanctus Dei, coelesti desiderio afflatus, coepit ea quae sunt hujus mundi fastidire, terrenarum rerum lucra Christi amori postponere: et, licet hic retineretur corpore, in coelestibus tamen conversabatur mente.