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Synonyms for afflatus

divine guidance and motivation imparted directly


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a strong creative impulse

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5) But his sinister pun on Marlowe's mighty saw, the afflatus he elsewhere jokes is used by the ham actor to "saw the air" (Hamlet, 3.
In the poem Hardy characterizes the relation with the same imagery of afflatus, drawn from pederastic tradition, that in the manuscript passage quoted earlier he associates with Jude's attraction to Sue:
The seven bands included - Afflatus from Meghalaya, Abiogenesis from Nagaland, Axis from Assam, Frisky Pints from Mizoram, Borkung Hrangkhawl from Tripura, Alien Conspiracy Theory from Manipur and the Vinyl Records, a girl band of four from Arunachal Pradesh.
She denigrates Gloria Steinem as "the divine afflatus of feminism who has made a career out of leading the herd to trendy saltlicks" and states in mock-awe: "She conquered male-dominated publishing like a Marxist Scarlett O'Hara" (Deja 23, 118).
The Blakean afflatus long attributed to Malick, through which the mystic poet finds the cosmos in a grain of sand (or purling stream, dappled tree, twirling girl), has seen, over the past four decades, the hardscrabble materiality of Badlands (1973) replaced by the celestial nebulae of The Tree of Life and To the Wonder, their titles already grasping for the ineffable "glory" that the director's recent characters, hands or arms outstretched to embrace the bright firmament, often reach toward.
Bob Merrick will become "everything that Wayne Phillips was" only after he has learned how to harness the Divine afflatus that they both encapsulate and that connects them to the rest of humanity.
So Love has replaced the Twelve Moral Virtues as the afflatus of Arthur's knighthood.
To discern the important common elements between Blake and Smith, we need first to look at Blake's fundamental concerns, to see the Blake afflatus in a holistic way.
The foreword contains an erroneous translation (not the only one in the book) in which the original meaning of a phrase is reversed: "with[out] a divine afflatus no one becomes a great man" (p.
She had to suffer the loss of her son, whom she had made into the vehicle of her misguided ambition, the pressure of which, we may infer, had expedited the moral weakness of Lotho's willingness to give, in essence, his soul to Sharkey as the price for the momentary afflatus of illgained power.
Rather than use its scale to produce the weightless afflatus of a family saga, The Stranger's Child captures as well as anything I've read the particular gravity of time passing, and the irrecoverable losses it brings with it.
under the table propped up at right angles folded until they froth, to triple unaccountability to an afflatus, doing as the banks just did, not as the banks just said, 1 understand the hole that George is in, a dot whose innuendo comes too late, the flush for spirit toilet-trained to life, not alone in thinking we are alone, but at the same time degraded by an internal inquiry to the death set to muzak to the ingrown ears of outgrown human sex toys blown up about to do anything you can think or may fear or will never wear out and be deflated to make passion immutable (This is conducive to heat and does not require frequent cleaning, saving time and effort and money.
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