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Synonyms for affix

Synonyms for affix

to join one thing to another

to ascribe (a misdeed or an error, for example) to

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for affix

a linguistic element added to a word to produce an inflected or derived form

attach to

add to the very end

attach or become attached to a stem word

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We're excited about adding Brandt Affixing to the Abbott Label family," says John Abbott, president of Abbott Label.
All signature systems have the following common features: Correct identification of the originator, the process of affixing a signature through software or keying-in with a specific code, and the requirement of non-changeability of the document after the signature has been affixed.
Datacard Group, the world leader in secure ID and card personalization solutions, today announced new features to its Datacard([R]) MXD[TM] Lite card delivery system that enables card affixing on the lower panel of personalized card carriers in one simplified step.
Tenders are invited for Supply of uniform articles Pea Cap Superior quality Khaki Pea Cap with black ribbon around it and affixing monogram.
The company's P500 RFID affixing module affixes all transponder sizes, and operates at speeds up to 500 feet per minute.
The first portion comprises a first adhesive disposed on the first inner surface for permanently affixing the second inner surface to a complementary landing member.
31, 1939, a manufacturer-contractor who manufacturers, fabricates or assembles a product prior to affixing it to real property, but does not maintain an inventory, must use the materials cost plus the cost of all off-site labor (fabrication labor) as the basis for computing tax.
These systems combine the best of the high-speed Datacard Ga-Vehren Attacher([R]) Print Finishing System and Datacard([R]) CPST MJ7500[TM] Card Personalization System to integrate the personalization of a card and/or carrier, with the affixing and finishing of the card to the carrier.
These activities may include purchase order forwarding, on-site label printing and affixing, and sending Advance Ship Notices (ASNs).
6,007,575, entitled "Inflatable Intraluminal Stent And Method For Affixing Same Within The Human Body," and was derived from Samuels' trade secret technology.