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Synonyms for affixation

the result of adding an affix to a root word

formation of a word by means of an affix

the act of attaching or affixing something

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2013: 248; Arndt-Lappe 2014: 498, 501), while morphological constraints relate to the affixation already contained in the base of the derivative (e.g., -ic vs.
An one time notice is served by affixation without inquiry, following a refusal to accept service at the demised premises with no apparent distinction between an individual, company or establishment.
The documents reads in part: "The importation of illegal ethanol comes with the affixation of fake revenue stamps printed in and outside the country.
The demand for SBR is also anticipated to remain high in the automotive industry for its predominant application in the production and affixation of tires.
Therefore, the tenancy agreement should include a provision that service of notices, applications or actions to the company as tenant can be made to the rented property and when it is closed through affixation on the door.
If anything, it demands a 'letting-go' of the left and the right as political axioms, as much as it requires an abandonment of the affixation of labels 'radical' and 'critical', imposed by way of intellectual vogue.
This paper aims to analyse the syntagmatic extension of multiple affixation (at least three suffixes) in contemporary Portuguese productive patterns (Rio--Torto et al.
In Islamabad, the process was initiated with affixation of a number on the building of Statistics House, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Tuesday morning.
Most obvious was the centrality of affixation as a defining characteristic of a trademark.
Sample selection was carried out through stratified random sampling with proportional affixation. The sample selection strategy prevented the rejection rate, around 30%, from generating bias in the sample.
Suspended affixation is a situation where only one affix is attached to a coordinated noun phrase consisting of several nouns (see, e.
If the affixation is expected to last indefinitely, based on all of the facts and circumstances, the affixation is considered to be permanent.
This assumes that all languages have segmentable morphemes as their smallest meaningful unit, as such have affixation as the only morphological process while taking other processes like reduplication as special affixation.