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Synonyms for affixation

the result of adding an affix to a root word

formation of a word by means of an affix

the act of attaching or affixing something

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While these complications necessitate a detailed morphological analysis of the aorist in Turkish, I leave the discussion of this for future studies since they are tangential to the question of suspended affixation.
103) is perhaps not too general, or if the statement that "[i]n comparing Old English and present-day English there is not much difference in the amount of affixation used, but only in the actual affixes involved" (p.
The effect of the constraint is to penalize stems formed by dominant affixes in which tone is preserved on the base of affixation, rather than deleted.
By Late Middle English grammatical relationships and meanings previously expressed by means of affixation (inflectional and derivational affixes) had been largely taken over by prepositions and adverbs which had become necessary elements in most noun and verb phrases.
In the paradigm of generative linguistics, we always recognise some effort to reduce all the morphological processes to simple affixation so that morphosemantic transparency is satisfied perfectly at least on the formal side.
They distinguish between two basic types: default segmentism, which they characterize as phonological, and melodic overwriting, which they regard as a type of affixation and hence as morphological.
As can be seen from the examples above, the affixation of the prefix ha/ ga imparts a general locative meaning to the complementary noun.
Newmeyer (1998) makes a similar point when he discusses the diachronic tendency in the emergence of affixation (as a morphological marking strategy) in terms of less effort: "Less effort is required on the part of the speaker to produce an affix than a full form.
which in turn requires hairpin for affixation and keeping the scarf in place.
He also alleged the use of unprescribed ink at the polls for affixation of thumb impressions of the voters on the ballot papers and the non verification of such thumb impressions.
Zamir Akram said Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems pose a fundamental challenge to the protection of civilians and the notion of affixation of responsibility and transparency.
The affixation of posters exposes voters to and familiarises them with candidates; because posters constitute visual indications of the election and the candidate, their presence within the landscape is vital.
As product developers are increasingly using toppings to differentiate their products, minimizing the waste of these components through increased affixation and higher deposition rates are critical parameters for commercial success.
1977g Results of preliminary studies in verbal affixation in Labuk Kadazan.
At other times, however, people use "attached" narrowly to denote an affixation that is external to the object--it would be regarded as quite odd, for example, to say that a person's bones are "attached" to his body.