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Synonyms for affix

Synonyms for affix

to join one thing to another

to ascribe (a misdeed or an error, for example) to

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for affix

a linguistic element added to a word to produce an inflected or derived form

attach to

add to the very end

attach or become attached to a stem word

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1 provides the affix an after the root kr when carman occurs as an upapada in relation to the root kr, just as it does when kumbha occurs as an upapada in relation to the same root (Table 1, step 7).
bar] requires the absence of nominal terminations on the final constituent to condition the feminine affix n[I.
The final element is not a derivate formed on condition that an upapada occurs in syntactic connection with a root; rather, it is a derivate formed by provision of the affix kvip after the causative of the root sic without dependence upon an upapada by A.
bar]tatpurusa compound will be formed after having provided the affix kvip following the causative of the root sic without an upapada.
As we will see later in section 2, this aspect is not taken into account in Baayen's procedure, where the index P is always calculated--no matter how frequent an affix is--referring to the number of tokens N sampled in the whole corpus.
First, it is not always evident what has to be considered as a distinct type of a certain affix.
In particular, Plag (1999: 29) has put forward the question whether one should also include in the counts the occurrences of an affix in inner derivational cycles: for instance, an occurrence of conventionalization clearly counts as a token of the suffix -ation, but should it also be considered as a token of the inner suffix -ize?
The global productivity should capture not only the availability of an affix, but also its profitability (rentabilite in Corbin 1987: 177), that is, the extension of the base domain to which it applies.
The affix -ee in English also shows a range of meanings.
It is also worth pointing out here a sort of derivational affix that English does not have, namely an affix which creates affected object words, that is, one that can be used to create concrete nonpersonal object nouns from verbs with the meaning 'thing one Xes' or 'thing which has been Xed.
We claim that none of the past analyses has offered a complete answer to what we see as central questions: what the affix -er means in both English and Dutch, what -ee means in English, and why these affixes display the range of polysemy that they do.
Shamrock Medical Solutions Group has developed systems that allow the hospital pharmacy to generate and affix labels to medications so they can be scanned.
For the electronic option, borrowers will affix their signatures and closing agents will electronically notarize the documents.
There is a sense of pride felt among our employees whenever we package up another pallet and affix the charity label," says Nick Ausman, Cook Mill plant manager.