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Synonyms for affix

Synonyms for affix

to join one thing to another

to ascribe (a misdeed or an error, for example) to

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for affix

a linguistic element added to a word to produce an inflected or derived form

attach to

add to the very end

attach or become attached to a stem word

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In order to account for the fact that several distinct parts, an affix and a lexical base in the case of derivation and two stems/lexemes in the case of compounding, integrate into a single referential unit that projects its arguments to the syntax, Lieber (2004) introduces the Principle of Co-indexation which reads as:
This has not been possible given that in our language we have no instrument or tool that informs us about the accumulative frequency of all the words in which a given affix (or a given stem) appears.
He does, however, make an exception in the similar case of at least one compound formed with the affix cvi (istam evaitad gonard[I.
The ten least productive affixes for token frequency Affix Frequency 1.
In mathematical terms, it can be shown (Baayen 1989: 104) that the index (1) is the derivative at point N of the curve V(N), which plots the type number V for a given affix (i.
AFFIX TOKEN HERE AFFIX TOKEN Here TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Present a completed form with five differently numbered tokens from the Daily Record and Sunday Mail to receive a free individual pizza on pan or thin crust for redemption at any Pizza Hut Restaurant in Scotland.
However, as is also clear from the examples already cited, English does not have a clearly preferred affix or set of affixes whose primary purpose is to do this.
This article looks in some detail at the semantics of the affixes -er and -ee in English, at the affix -er in Dutch, and at the fact that Dutch seems to lack a specific process of word formation analogous to -ee in English.
The Alert-Mate Moveable Holder enables staff to securely affix the Alert-Mate Alarm to a bed and/or chair in seconds; no tools are necessary.
For starters, the system has been designed to unobtrusively affix flush on the wall, can be operated from remote locations throughout the apartment, offers audio transmissions far superior on standard intercoms, has on-screen messaging capabilities, as well as medical and smoke alerts.
Jacinto-Henares said that the tax agency will require local cigarette manufacturers to affix the Philippine government's tax stamp if the product's final destination has no security stamp system yet.
Waqar, a rickshaw driver, told reporter on Tuesday that he was Rs 500 by a candidate for affix his poster on his tri-wheeler.
Name: Address: Postcode: Email: Telephone: 1 TOKEN AFFIX TOKEN HERE AFFIX TOKEN HERE AFFIX TOKEN HERE AFFIX TOKEN HERE AFFIX TOKEN HERE Terms and conditions: One set of limited edition prints will be sent to the address specified upon receipt of 6 official ECHO tokens.