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Synonyms for affirmatory

affirming or giving assent

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This Trojan Women, then, offers a metapoetic reading of tragic poetry, not so much to interrogate its discursive function as to instantiate its affirmatory function.
In certain lights, his thirty-year-plus project--here, in his debut at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, taking the form of a collection of "relics and reliquaries"--reads as a gently affirmatory paean to the latent poetry in castoffs and kitsch, a sincere mash-up of pop-culture doodads, dork-cool autobiography, and low-wattage ritual that eludes critically and expands the range of aesthetic permissibility.
The Ramblers described the hilltop range as "a quintessentially English view evoking a mood of quiet, affirmatory contemplation - a feeling that all is as it should be in the world".