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the agreeable quality of one who assents

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I was in the process of editing this collection when Randy Souther sent me an article by Timothy Schilling that posits Oates's fictional world as "incomplete" because of what he sees as her "antipathy to Christianity," and her work's consequent lack of "affirmativeness" (23).
Because of their preference for affirmativeness, acts and habits of constructiveness have a largely unintended side effect: self-assertion.
Questionable affirmativeness is far from unknown in the New Testament or in the writings produced in the Church of the first few centuries.
In his encounter with others, Jesus accepts being cast in the role of the other-turned-into-the-complete-stranger, forced into a slave's death by dint of human affirmativeness aggressively exercised at the expense of his human integrity.
And thus could the opening moves of Contra Celsum be an implicit apology--the gesture of an aspiring Christian ascetic, contemplating the silent Master in front of his judges and repenting in advance for the excessive (and obviously exciting) affirmativeness he was about to embark on in professing the Christian faith before the tribunal of contemporary learning?