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Synonyms for affirmative

Synonyms for affirmative

giving assent

of a constructive nature

Synonyms for affirmative

a reply of affirmation

affirming or giving assent

expecting the best


Related Words

expressing or manifesting praise or approval

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Even worse, the defense's form usually requires the jury to answer too many liability questions affirmatively before it can begin to consider the damages questions.
More affirmatively, the League of Conservation Voters portrayed John Kerry glowingly: When he received the League's endorsement in early 2004, he had what its president, Deb Callahan, called a "nearly perfect" score on the report cards that the League has given to members of Congress since 1970: Kerry's lifetime score was 96 percent.
He replied affirmatively when a Latina law student questioned whether he thought the policy also should have been applied to Latin American immigrants.
Instead of a new election for each plan year, the employer may provide that an employee's prior election continues for succeeding years unless affirmatively changed before a new plan year begins.
A successful protest of the BID needs 50 percent of the businesses to affirmatively protest in writing.
Given his attention to this model, and his overall accuracy in recognizing allusions, it seems odd that he rejects Ovid's calendrical Fasti, a poem more affirmatively nationalistic than the Metamorphoses, as model for the chorographic Poly Olbion.
Overall, 9 percent of the patients responded affirmatively to that query.
According to the court, Michael effectively rebutted the presumption against the enforceability of an intrafamily SCIN by affirmatively showing a real expectation of repayment existed at the time of the transaction and the deceased's intent to enforce collection of the indebtedness.
The court noted that the state had not affirmatively pleaded the statute of limitations defense because the inmate had pleaded facts that showed his action was time-barred.
Our papers will demonstrate that service was proper and that any defects in service were affirmatively waived by Mr.
Anchored by a strong reading of Warhol, her piece took up the cause of an emerging generation of artists who, as she wrote of the master himself, "embrace affirmatively the wannabe moment as the generative power of the work.
Those who affirmatively reply will experience the joy and peace that Christ's forgiving love renders - as Peter did that day.
In August, the Harris County attorney Mike Stafford, asserted in a written opinion that the state had passed legislation affirmatively authorizing such care.
Optimists will nod their heads affirmatively, pessimists (and there are many of them, based justifiably on negative past experience) will think it all bleak.