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Synonyms for affirmative

Synonyms for affirmative

giving assent

of a constructive nature

Synonyms for affirmative

a reply of affirmation

affirming or giving assent

expecting the best


Related Words

expressing or manifesting praise or approval

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The court rejected this argument on the grounds that the buyer could not be said to have "affirmatively assumed" the obligation to pay commissions and in doing so, followed the findings of New York courts that there is "no obligation on the purchaser's part to pay the broker unless the purchaser affirmatively assumes that obligation.
B) A petition alleging ineffective assistance of appellate counsel on direct review shall not be filed more than 2 years after the judgment and sentence conviction becomes final on direct review, unless it alleges under oath with a specific factual basis that the petitioner was affirmatively misled about the results of the appeal by counsel.
Then he'll nod affirmatively, thank me for my advice, and give me a big hug.
6015(e)(1) and that Congress allowed a court to review a petition seeking equitable relief only when the (1) IRS has asserted a deficiency against the individual; (2) individual has affirmatively elected to have Sec.
When asked in more recent polls whether political leaders should rely on religion when making public policy decisions, 62 percent of Republicans answered affirmatively compared to 27 percent of Democrats.
He said that elected officials, real estate agents and local businesses all have an important role to play in working affirmatively for integrated communities.
If the Radioshack class is certified by the Court of Federal Claims, depending on how the class is certified, taxpayers either (i) will be automatically included in the class action, or (ii) will have the option of affirmatively electing to be included in the class action.
With nothing more than her native wit, a green-eyed boy, and a talking raven with divided loyalties, she saves herself and her friends and learns that affirmatively seizing life is how one's course on Earth can best be lived.
Importantly, the SEC rule added, "Under our final rules, management of a foreign reporting company which relies on such an evaluation framework used in its home country is nevertheless under an obligation to state affirmatively whether its company's internal controls are, or are not, effective.
Even worse, the defense's form usually requires the jury to answer too many liability questions affirmatively before it can begin to consider the damages questions.
More affirmatively, the League of Conservation Voters portrayed John Kerry glowingly: When he received the League's endorsement in early 2004, he had what its president, Deb Callahan, called a "nearly perfect" score on the report cards that the League has given to members of Congress since 1970: Kerry's lifetime score was 96 percent.
He replied affirmatively when a Latina law student questioned whether he thought the policy also should have been applied to Latin American immigrants.
Instead of a new election for each plan year, the employer may provide that an employee's prior election continues for succeeding years unless affirmatively changed before a new plan year begins.
A successful protest of the BID needs 50 percent of the businesses to affirmatively protest in writing.