affirmative action

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a policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities

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Yuill writes from the perspective of one who believes that scholars focusing on the implementation and expansion of affirmative action programs have emphasized the civil rights movement, the presidency of Lyndon B.
That Connerly's advocacy for eliminating race-conscious affirmative action in higher education finds deep and abiding support among groups, such as NAS, practically ensures colleges and universities should expect new challenges to their pro-diversity programs in the coming years.
When affirmative action was banned in California in 1996, admission rates among black freshmen to the University of California at Berkeley, Los Angeles, and San Diego plummeted.
Gay affirmative action is a [hopeful] idea, but realistically, it would be pointless," Ford argues.
Underlying the affirmative action cases is the question: to what extent should the widening scope for choice be regulated on racial grounds?
On that last point, in other words, I think there may be good reasons for me to engage in race-conscious affirmative action.
On the other hand, author Jamillah Moore (Race and College Admissions: A Case for Affirmative Action, McFarland & Company, May 2005) would have none of this, and has no such qualms about diversity as Professor Carter.
Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at The Century Foundation, is author of The Remedy: Class, Race and Affirmative Action (1996) and the editor of America's Untapped Resource: Low-Income Students in Higher Education (2004).
Sowell complains that The Shape of the River, which discusses the results of affirmative action in twenty-eight selective schools in the United States, and takes four hundred pages to do it, is too narrow in scope.
In this article, we offer an argument to explain why community colleges committed to open access and the open door admissions policy can and should use race-based preferential affirmative action in selective admissions programs when needed to achieve the educational benefits provided by a racially and ethnically diversified student body.
Women, whom you may recall used to not get into graduate schools, corporate board rooms, or police uniforms, have had their opportunities, and thus their lives, transformed by affirmative action.
People may not support affirmative action because they're concerned about their own group's well-being," he says.
took the unusual step this year of inserting a provision that explicitly prohibits the application of affirmative action to gay men and lesbians.
Offered again in 2007 due to high demand, the Principles of Affirmative Action workshop will focus on regulation changes, policy language, quantitative analysis, good faith efforts and other core affirmative action topics.