affirmative action

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a policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities

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Continue reading "The American Jewish Affirmative Action About-Face" at...
( READ: How Affirmative Action In The US Has Evolved Over The Years
Affirmative action was upheld in a 2016 case dealing with the University of Texas Austin.
While majorities of men, women, whites, blacks and Hispanics are in favor of affirmative action programs, support varies according to each groups' connection to the program.
Perhaps more importantly, the bishops explicitly recommended "that Catholic institutions avoid the services of agencies and industries which refuse to take affirmative action to achieve equal opportunity and that the church itself always be a model as an equal opportunity employer." The bishops addressed affirmative action once again in 1986, this time in their pastoral letter "Economic Justice for All," where they stated, "The nation should renew its efforts to develop effective affirmative action policies that assist those who have been excluded by racial or sexual discrimination in the past."
Cashin's new book, Place, Not Race: A New Vision of Opportunity in America, argues that place-based affirmative action provides a race-neutral approach for helping disadvantaged students as well as brings diversity to elite colleges and universities.
Affirmative action policies are designed to compliment and often correct some of the known deficits of democratic systems.
If the Court decided to bar affirmative action entirely, many educators say, it would reduce the number of black and Latino students at nearly every selective college and graduate school, with more Asian-American and white students gaining entrance instead.
Conservatives charged that affirmative action amounts to "reverse racism"; discriminates against "innocent whites"; stigmatizes its putative beneficiaries; erodes the incentives that prompt individuals to put forth their best efforts; lowers standards; produces inefficiencies; goes to those racial minorities who need it least; and generates racial resentments.
Proponents of affirmative action view it as a "positive and constructive action" (Libertella, et al, 2007).
In Richard Nixon and the Rise of Affirmative Action: The Pursuit of Racial Equality in an Era of Limits, Kevin Yuill wrestles with an interesting and underexplored question: "Why was President Richard M.
The literature opposed to affirmative action in hiring, granting tenure and promotion in the university claims that it lowers standards.
Nowadays, those who benefit most from affirmative action are the Black middle class, a group of people who have very little contact with the disadvantaged people who are supposed to benefit from preferential treatment.
A number of studies have shown that white people's attitudes towards affirmative action are largely negative and ambivalent.
MICHIGAN VOTERS' SUPPORT Of A CONTROVERSIAL BALLOT issue against affirmative action in areas such as university admissions and government contracting and employment may diminish opportunities for blacks and other minorities in the state.