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On the basis of outstanding effect, the highest rate of amelioration is observed affined with the water temperature difference amongst all above-mentioned performance indicators when using hotter inlet water.
4) If your property features decorative ponds with fish, consider including fish such as Gambusia affined (mosquitofish), which will eat mosquito larvae.
They emphasize five means by which corruption inflicts damage: (1) reduction in productive investment and growth; (2) macro-fiscal costs, in particular the "loss of massive amounts of public revenues from taxes, customs duties, and privatization programs"; (3) redistributional/social costs; (4) economic inefficiency, particularly through the protection of affined firms and the discouragement of entrepreneurs and competitor firms; and (5) distortion or loss of foreign aid and debt relief programs.
The affined concept of space and time allow comparing the city and cinema--both in the film and the city there unclose facade and underground spaces, we can also state that the sequence of the film actions and the moments of city life happen according to the similar structures of time organization.
This argument is affined with recent feminist-theoretical and queertheoretical work on Member.
Mathematical basis enables to generate new coding system for objects of manufacturing system and consequently it enables to select parts with similar material and size characteristics, which will be process by affined manufacturing process plans.
they lose both their mean values and the affined fluctuations).