affine transformation

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(mathematics) a transformation that is a combination of single transformations such as translation or rotation or reflection on an axis

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Coefficients in the affine transformation have been estimated using optical flow method [16], least square method [34], and numerical optimization method [35], However, Pan [16] proposed direct a cost function which minimizes the sum of squared differences between pre- and post-deformation sub-images, and this method has higher time cost.
For the affine transformation case, the optimal CPP set contains 22 CPPs with RMS = 19.
Table 1 shows the segmentation performance (median of AED distances in pixels) as a function of the number of PCA components of the affine transformation used in the statistical connection model.
Two curve segments are equivalents if they can be obtained one from the other using an affine transformation.
In general, that index is an affine transformation which does not yield a ratio scale.
An affine transformation behaves somewhat like a drafting machine that takes in a drawing (or the coordinates of all the points making up the lines in a drawing), then shrinks, enlarges, shifts or skews the picture and, finally, spews out a distorted version of the original.
This would amount to applying the unique affine transformation of the whole plane that moves the old three points to the new three points (and all our features accordingly).
Sprinsky (1987) utilized an affine transformation to convert digitizer coordinates to map or world coordinates; Morad et al.
additional imaging capabilities including flexible in-memory image layouts, extended image filters (such as convolution), lookup tables, affine transformation
Other features like affine transformation minimize the rendering needed for a given scene, which allows a graphics device to produce a large display in true color with complex scenes.
Coloring the cells of the grid, stereo learners revisit arithmetic and algebra, meet tessellations, polyominoes, moires, affine transformations, cellular automata, methods of computer graphics and animation.
Now, there is no question of finding vectors, affine transformations, decompositions, or other elements of the developed field of modern linear algebra in the records of f[a.
The traditional image registration is based on classic features such as the Harris corner and the scaled-invariant feature transform (SIFT) corner, which are both weak to affine transformations.
2) remains invariant under affine transformations, so f satisfies (2.
Subsequent chapters feature coverage of linear transformations from Rn to Rm, the geometry of linear and affine transformations, with an exploration of their effect on arclength, area, and volume, least squares fits, and pseudoinverses.