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Synonyms for affine

(anthropology) kin by marriage

(mathematics) of or pertaining to the geometry of affine transformations

(anthropology) related by marriage


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v] is graded affine cellular and affine quasi-hereditary it is enough to show that one of the components, say [e.
Affine registration: Proposed programe was started with the global alignment of reference image M and target image N using affine transformation.
This would imply that to prove the self-similarity of a compact set X, it is necessary to evaluate all partitions of X and find in everyone of them an equivalence class which is not an affine transformation of X.
The vector Frobenius problem of Cohen-Macaulay and Gorenstein simplicial affine semigroup is studied in the next section.
The connection between cycles in the graph of overlapping permutations and affine permutations goes through bi-infinite sequences.
20 December 2013 - French property investment company Affine SA (EPA:IML) said that it had bought the remaining 50% it did not already own in the SNC Les Jardins des Quais joint venture from its Belgian unit Banimmo SA (EBR:BANI).
The topics include thermal human face recognition for a biometric security system, biometric authentication based on hand vein pattern, feature-based affine motion estimation for the super resolution of a region of interest, using computer vision techniques to exploit new video coding mechanisms, and recognizing humans and their activities for video surveillance.
When nominal interest rates are near their zero lower bound (ZLB), as in many developed economies at the time of writing, it is theoretically untenable to apply the popular class of Gaussian affine term structure models (GATSMs) given their inherent material probabilities of negative interest rates.
Such local features basically consist of detecting interest features in an affine covariant manner and describing the characteristic structure of a local image region around the detected features.
When there is no projective distortion, two images of the same planar scene undergo an affine transformation
affine arithmetic is used with advantage in a number of practical applications.
A moins de deux semaines de l'ouverture du marche des transferts hivernal, l'Olympique de Marseille affine ses recherches.
BOOTS ON THE GROUND comes from a military historian who details the Afghanistan campaign, and provides affine history of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Red Army's unsuccessful occupation of the country.
I use a grid called the affine grid, which I began working with in the fall of 2009 for various reasons.