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Synonyms for affine

(anthropology) kin by marriage

(mathematics) of or pertaining to the geometry of affine transformations

(anthropology) related by marriage


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The seller, taking the affine fee schedule ([t.sub.0], [t.sub.1]) charged by the platform as given, would choose [p.sub.c] to maximize her profit:
In our paper, what we mean by tropical polarized K3 surface is a topological space B homeomorphic to the sphere [S.sup.2], with an affine structure away from certain finite points Sing(B), with a metric which is MongeAmpere metric g with respect to the affine structure on B \ Sing(B).
Demons, and affine algorithms from Plastimatch were used.
The dinoflagellates Alexandrium catenella (strain AC 0206 [phrase omitted]) and Alexandrium affine (strain At37) and the raphidophytes Chattonella marina and Heterosigma akashiwo (isolated from Ago Bay, in 2013) were cultured at 20[degrees]C in autoclaved F/2 medium, under a 12-h L:12-h D photoperiod.
In the present paper we study the affine-type Coxeter group [[??].sub.n] and find the Hilbert series (or spherical growth series) of the associated right-angled affine Artin monoid M([[??].sup.[infinity].sub.n]).
As an affine transformation is a nonsingular linear transformation followed by a translation, we regard the mapping relationship between two images as an affine transformation.
Affine registration: Proposed programe was started with the global alignment of reference image M and target image N using affine transformation.
The affine bundle [T.sup.k] M [[[pi].sub.k-1] over [right arrow]] [T.sup.k-1] M was used in the papers [3] and [8], in the study of affine Hamiltonians of order k, a natural dual counterpart of Lagrangians of order k.
[Dev.sup.i,] = 0, if [Dev.sup.i,] < [T.sub.AC] and this establishes an affine invariant hypothesis.
Here, we find the image of the affine symplectic Lie algebra [g.sub.n] from the Leibniz homology H[L.sub.*]([g.sub.n]) to the Lie algebra homology [H.sup.Lie.sub.*] ([g.sub.n]).
Regardless of whether the above-mentioned modelling approaches are adopted, the T-S fuzzy model as an approximator can be divided into two categories: homogeneous fuzzy model and affine fuzzy model.
The affine projection algorithm (APA) [12] is widely used in ANC systems because it offers higher convergence speed than LMS algorithms and presents good stability and robustness.
To correct the motion and deformation of DWI, intensity-based affine and nonrigid image registration algorithms have been developed [28-30].
Contractive similarities are affine transformations of the form [F.sub.i] = [r.sub.i] [D.sub.i] x+[b.sub.i], where r is a scalar such that 0< [r.sub.i] < 1, [D.sub.i] is the matrix of rotations and [b.sub.i] is a vector in [R.sup.2] (Barnsley 1993).
An affine semigroup is a finitely generated submonoid of Nr for some positive integer r.