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Synonyms for affine

(anthropology) kin by marriage

(mathematics) of or pertaining to the geometry of affine transformations

(anthropology) related by marriage


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Ben Yip (2005) developed face and eye rectification model using Affine transform.
The modulus and strength of the porous elastomer were also estimated using an additive rule based on the affine deformation assumption.
The connection between cycles in the graph of overlapping permutations and affine permutations goes through bi-infinite sequences.
Chen: Realization of Robertson-Walker space-times as affine hypersurfaces, J.
A solution is demonstrated which includes automated extraction of road intersections from high resolution aerial or satellite imagery (around 1 meter or finer where a road is no longer a thin line and road intersections are identifiable), automated matching of these with the equivalent intersections in a very large vector road map under both four-parameter similarity and six-parameter affine transformations, and a transformation verification and globalization procedure that handles error points and ensures optimization of the match between the image and the reference map.
The affine connection can be related to the the metric coefficients [g.
We present an overview of this class of models, with an emphasis on the specifications that, similar to Vasicek's model, allow for tractable bond pricing formulas (the so-called affine dynamic term structure models).
Mathematicians wilt notice that if we add the 10 knight tours to the 20 rook and bishop tours we obtain for the 25 "points" (the entries) the structure of a finite affine geometry.
iguapensi Brade affine, sed squamis rhizomatis margine integra et frondibus apice basique cuneatis differt.
In applications, it is most convenient to employ affine IFS maps.
Where "A" denotes the affine surjection and "P" denotes the power permutation with "good" cryptographic characteristics in GF (2n).
This system is also practical when there's a disproportionate level in income," says Helen Maynard, principal of Affine Financial Services.
An affine deformation assumes that the crosslinks are fixed in space at positions defined by the overall specimen ratio.
In the last section we use linear maps and affine maps to characterize E-convex sets.