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(anthropology) related by marriage


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Carpenter stretches the definition of what constitutes an affinal relationship further than many would be confortable with.
I took it that the specification of an affinal claim marked it as tenuous, but largely because 'pig business' was already external to the proper nature of Lopme, which is money business.
As many of the previously related spouses of each generation give birth to children who themselves marry persons with whom they are directly or indirectly related, a higher-order social entity comes into being: a dense network of interlocking consanguinal and affinal ties.
Consequently, also the web of kin and affinal ties went far beyond the political boundaries.
This partial view of the relationship is further reflected in a representation of mortuary payments owed by wife-takers as effecting a severance of the affinal tie, an interpretation contradicted by other cultural realities (Forth 2009b).
Following initiation with its imposed affinal connection, the young man answered primarily to his future father-in-law in the hope that, after years of service, he might finally take this proto-affine's maturing daughter to wife.
As 'Ua in several respects forms a distinct grouping within central Nage, this makes sense, although less because of their territorial association than because of extensive affinal ties among the three clans.
What is clear, however, is that the strength of affinal ties between lineages of different clans determined the composition of future clans after a community fissioned.
As Viveiros de Castro explains (1998), it was Radcliffe-Brown (1953) who, in response to Dumont (1953), defined an Australian-Dravidian type of kinship system, with which--in reference to the Kariera (Radcliffe-Brown 1913)--he associated bilateral cross-cousin marriage and a conflation of the affinal and the consanguinal terminology.
To ensure that offspring maintained the highest rank possible, chiefs had the option of marrying either 'half-sisters' or 'nieces', (Linnekin, 1990:76), though as Linnekin notes this was often just the first marriage and nineteenth century descriptions suggest that Hawaiian marriage was more a series of liaisons that formed multiple affinal links rather than rigid classificatory lifelong bonds (1990:121).
The point here is that in the Yagwoia affinal field this relationship is tacitly seen as a mediated sexual conjunction between two men.
Among Maisin, women's objects like tapa, and women's labour in general, seem to reflect human reproduction in relation to the patrilineal clans, as well as important patrilineal kin and affinal relations.
1%) of the participants came from extended families, mostly affinal kin, including mother-in-law, while one (14.
Marital alliances and affinal relatives (sheng and hungou) in the society and politics of Zhou China in the light of bronze inscriptions.
We might want to say, well, what they think does not matter; we can simply go for objective genealogical descriptions, according to who is related to whom in a consanguineal or affinal sense.