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(anthropology) related by marriage


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By 'autonomous' I mean here being the primary local providers for their households; and also getting their houses and fences repaired, planting coffee, harvesting tubers, tending to social and affinal obligations, and rearing the children.
It creates a space to draw filial and affinal relationships into the same analytical frame, marking a key point of articulation between the two.
Third, the affinal familial structure is the foundation of church organization, whereby the husband and wife function as a pastoral team (couple ministry) within their respective culturally defined gender roles, and the (male) children inherit the leadership of the church.
This heady symbolic moment of medicalized ethno-nationalist unification is further overdetermined by the lyrics to the song that immediately follows: "blood is blood, it isn't water." Religious distinctions are perceptible on the outside, but these distinctions only serve to highlight the truth of familial connection, through which eight of the main characters in the film, in the end, come to be either consanguine or affinal kin.
But Marc O Se and A O'Mahony stayed on th(right) longer than the rtheir Kerry teammates affinal whistle, while KDonaghy re-emerged winfant daughter half an hAidan the field rest of after the Kieran with his hour or so after the final whistle to take it all in for possibly one last time.
(2) Persons related by blood or descent are referred to as consanguines whereas, relationships established by marriage are referred to as affinal relationships.
I argue that although these broader roles remained the same for both generations, with varying levels of importance in natal and affinal homes, the Punjabi families were transforming in subtle ways.
Four (57.1%) of the participants came from extended families, mostly affinal kin, including mother-in-law, while one (14.3%) lived alone and one (14.3%) came from a nuclear family Residential Five participants resided in place rural areas in the Shiselweni region while two resided around the capital city (urban), Mbabane Income Five participants did not have any source of income because they were unemployed, and for the two that were employed, it ranged from US$34-US$92 per month Disclosure Only two participants had of HIV status disclosed their HIV status to a partner or close relative, while five had not disclosed their HIV status to anyone
The remaining 54% cases are products of affinal marriage (Table 2).
For Mackenzie, the characteristics that men, including Fielding, apply to the parish are those that come to symbolise the modern 'home' of subsequent decades: 'national coverage, affinal bonds, mutual interest, heterogeneity' (p.
We might want to say, well, what they think does not matter; we can simply go for objective genealogical descriptions, according to who is related to whom in a consanguineal or affinal sense.
Juliet Mitchell extends her seminal work on sibling relationships by suggesting that the only child, because siblings exist only in fantasy and through affinal relationships, offers us unique insight into the place of siblings in our psychic structure.
* In India, 59% of the unmarried women had experienced violence from their natal family members, friends, and neighbours, and 54% of the ever-married women had faced violence from affinal family members, natal family members, friends, and neighbours.
And, according to Anton Blok, the agnatic or affinal "family" that one is born or marries into must always be subordinated to the ritualized "Family" into which the Mafioso enters through a symbolic ritual.
His work would be more broadly useful if it included consanguineally extended households and kin groups or even affinally extended ones, such as polygamous units, or affinal exchange systems.