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Synonyms for affiliate

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Synonyms for affiliate

to unite or be united in a relationship

one who is united in a relationship with another

a local unit of a business or an auxiliary controlled by such a business

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Synonyms for affiliate

a subordinate or subsidiary associate

Related Words

a subsidiary or subordinate organization that is affiliated with another organization

join in an affiliation

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For example, people high in ability EI will more easily be aware of the emotions of others and will understand how to attract or stimulate their sense of pleasure to enable these individuals to demonstrate affiliative HS more easily.
w polnocnej Polsce Variable M SD Zmienna Coping humor / Radzenie sobie przez humor 15,73 3,04 Affiliative humor / Humor afiliacyjny 40,15 7,60 Self-enhancing humor / Humor w sluzbie ego 33,81 7,14 Self-defeating humor / Humor samodeprecjonujacy 24,81 6,97 Aggressive humor / Humor agresywny 21,94 6,17 Chronic fatigue / Przewlekle zmeczenie 69,10 20,94 Subjective feeling of tiredness / 30,78 9,91 Subiektywne odczucie zmeczenia Decreased activity / Zmniejszenie aktywnosci 10,16 4,61 Reduced motivation / Obnizona motywacja 11,85 5,00 Reduced concentration / Pogorszona koncentracja 16,32 4,44 Sense of stress at work / Poczucie stresu w pracy 14,76 6,07 Variable Min.
and strictures through affiliative gestures toward refugees.
As was the case for the children, using language for affiliative purposes was frequent in both contexts.
Second, these examples suggest an emerging trend--that tutors can productively pass up affiliative opportunities when writers attribute their problematic writing choices to some past trouble.
The second way is affiliative postmemory, which is oriented toward establishing, via various technologies and social institutions, connections with distant, unknown yet affiliate beings in order to encompass a larger collective in a web of transmission (35-36).
The combination of democratic, visionary, and affiliative leadership behaviors, assumed through the SEL skill sets, promotes leadership capabilities that achieve transformational leadership.
In fact a visionary leader motivates the team to strive ahead; 2) The Coaching Leadership creates a link between the wants of the followers and the organizational goals by holding long communication even going beyond the workplace; 3) The Affiliative Leadership creates connections that bring accord within the organization.
A Meta-Analytic Review of Gender Variations in Children's Language Use: Talkativeness, Affiliative Speech, and Assertive Speech.
A pretty common categorisation is between four main humour styles - affiliative, self-enhancing, aggressive and self-defeating.
Under these circumstances, affiliative behavior and positive social interaction have been used as good welfare indicators.
In addition, it was found that organisational justice significantly affected the teachers' affiliative oriented OCB ([beta]=.496, p<0.001), thus, supported hypothesis H1.
In addition to situating the transmission of trauma across generations in the "intimate embodied space of the family," Hirsch proposes to show how these transactions involve "adoptive witnesses" and "affiliative contemporaries" outside the family structure (6).
In short, as Kieran Dolin notes, works of literature "may question the boundaries established by the law, or they may simply reflect such boundaries." (4) So in this article, while attempting to show how images of refugees are passed into literature from the law, I am also interested to see whether or not literature, in turn, creates what Edward Said has described as an "affiliative" space, within which the refugee can be reimagined.