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Synonyms for affiliate

Synonyms for affiliate

to unite or be united in a relationship

one who is united in a relationship with another

a local unit of a business or an auxiliary controlled by such a business

Synonyms for affiliate

a subordinate or subsidiary associate

Related Words

a subsidiary or subordinate organization that is affiliated with another organization

join in an affiliation

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Those higher in need for affiliation will also reflect higher scores on the IOS subscales addressing affiliative motivations, including emotional support and positive stimulation, and will also exhibit Eros, Pragma, and Agape love styles, but less likely to report a game-playing love style.
The wedding with which Frankie falls hopelessly in love allows her a way to access the vast and specifically affiliative entitlements of heterosexuality--its sanctions and rituals, its permissions and privileges, its dense historical-ness--without obliging her to commit to any identity, let alone any spouse.
Sidbury posits two categories of black discourse about Africa--filiative and affiliative narratives.
Grant and Mayer (2009) have found positive interactions between prosocial and impression management motives as predictors of affiliative citizenship behaviors directed toward other people (helping and courtesy) and the organization (initiative).
Hay and McBer (2000) in his study of 4000 executives identified six different leadership styles; coercive, authoritative, pace-setting, democratic, affiliative and coaching.
Men feel comfortable talking about actions and events (Minister, 1991), traditionally conversing with one another about "personal and affiliative issues that reflect what they do" (Stewart, Stewart, Cooper & Friedley, 1990--italics in original).
1993) Marital dissolution by sex of the petitioner: A test of the man-child affiliative bond.
O2s include demonstrating affiliative and socially enhancing efforts in social settings.
Wharton's and Cather's public refusal of sisterhood--and any other form of affiliative politics--is central to their creation of public authorial personae, images that emerged in response to the increasing demand for celebrity as a way to sell books.
Early animal research estab-lished that oxytocin secretion during and after pregnancy is associated with maternal caretaking and affiliative behaviors.
Dufault and Martocchio (1985) categorized hope as generalized and particularized, spheres that each have six dimensions: affective, behavioral, cognitive, affiliative, contextual, and temporal.
In 2003, Odendaal and Meintjes (15) first showed that human-dog affiliative behavior (quiet play with the dog involving talking, stroking, and petting the dog with the human subject's attention focused completely on the dog) produced a significant change in neurohormones related to stress reduction: increases in beta endorphin, oxytocin (OXT), prolactin, dopamine, and decreases in cortisol.
2) "Thus if a filial relationship was held together by natural bonds and natural forms of authority--involving obedience, fear, love, respect, and instinctual conflict--the new affiliative relationship changes these bonds into what seem to be transpersonal forms--such as guild consciousness, collegiality, professional respect, class, and the hegemony of a dominant culture.
We calculated group means in the six ICS-T factors (aggressive, academic, affiliative, popular, Olympian, and internalizing).