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When an affiliated group member borrows funds from a related affiliate and invests them directly in exempt obligations, Sec.
It generally includes other foreign affiliates, any person who does not deal at arm's length with the taxpayer, and certain trusts and partnerships.
The current [Bay area] NBC affiliate will generate $160 million in revenue this year.
Bank subsidiaries of the fourteen companies operating under the 1987 order have therefore been free to fund, and have in fact funded, their section 20 affiliates subject to sections 23A and 23B.
Two HKNC affiliates - the Michigan Commission for the Blind and the Kentucky Department of Vocational Rehabilitation - have developed quality programs of service to their deaf-blind citizenry.
I'm excited to join AMG and look forward to helping the Company and its Affiliates enhance sales and client service in the Australian marketplace," said Gregor.
In the meantime, taxpayers should be cautious when considering many common transactions involving their foreign affiliates.
In addition, an organization applying for exempt status may request (by separate written request submitted with its application for exemption recognition) a determination that it meets the requirements to be an affiliate of a governmental unit and, thus, is excepted from filing Form 990.
We are committed to leveraging the affiliate channel as a complement to Circuit City's overall online marketing efforts," said Imran Jooma, vice president of Circuit City Direct.
Specifically, the regulations would impose a mandatory provision for all solicitations, contracts, and purchase orders to prohibit State contractors from "shifting" income to out-of-State affiliates by claiming a deduction for royalties or similar payments to the affiliates for trademarks, trade names, or other intangible property.
The Komen Central Wisconsin Affiliate will focus on identifying the gaps in breast health care and providing community grants in seven counties - Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Portage, Taylor, Wood and a portion of west Shawano.
Although an expanded 15-month reporting deadline is better than the original 6-month deadline, foreign affiliates in some jurisdictions will still be unable to supply complete information for the proposed Form T1134.
The solution, comprised of the MYAP v9 software and the Kolimbo Affiliate Network, allows merchants to create an affiliate program that's custom tailored to their needs and offers affiliates a variety of retail, B2B and niche offers to promote.
On March 5, 1996, draft legislation was released that will impose new and substantial information reporting requirements in respect of the foreign affiliates of Canadian taxpayers.
Through the oneNetworkDirect([TM]) affiliate network, affiliates now can leverage a new tracking technology as well as work with a dedicated affiliate development team.
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