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Synonyms for affiliate

Synonyms for affiliate

to unite or be united in a relationship

one who is united in a relationship with another

a local unit of a business or an auxiliary controlled by such a business

Synonyms for affiliate

a subordinate or subsidiary associate

Related Words

a subsidiary or subordinate organization that is affiliated with another organization

join in an affiliation

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Although the proposed regulations do not discuss a borrowing affiliate contributing to the capital of the investing affiliate (rather than lending), H Enterprises would apply to link the borrowed funds with the dealer affiliate's use of the funds.
The regulations currently contain a rule forestalling the recognition of surplus where capital property used in an active business is transferred to another foreign affiliate and the transfer is eligible for rollover treatment under the local tax law.
And, although Cornwell owns nine of those 26 stations, he still felt inclined to pay for affiliate programming while more established majority-owned stations receive payment for such an arrangement.
As a result, many of the firewalls overlap the restrictions of section 23B, which, as I noted, requires interaffiliate transactions to be at arm's length and on market terms but also prohibits a section 20 affiliate from representing that an affiliated bank is responsible for its obligations and prohibits a bank from purchasing certain products from a section 20 affiliate.
The immediate task of the transition coordinator, the PFP coordinator, and the new HKNC affiliate was to put an effective subcommittee in place that would be representative of the individuals and families being served and would include those agencies, programs, and facilities that would be instrumental in providing those services.
The regulations currently contain a rule that prevents the recognition of surplus where capital property used in an active business is transferred to another foreign affiliate, and the transfer is eligible for rollover treatment under the local tax law.
Affiliate shoppers are 17 percent more likely than the average Internet user to have an average household income greater than $75,000.
Up to 75 percent of the net income from Komen Central Wisconsin Affiliate events and activities will stay in Central Wisconsin to support non-duplicative, community-based breast health and breast cancer outreach programs for the medically underserved in the seven-county service area.
5(c) seemingly precludes the application of the due diligence exception for any foreign affiliate conducting business activity in a jurisdiction where the taxpayer knows "in advance" that the information, including the tax returns for the affiliate, cannot be supplied within 15 months of the close of the taxpayer's year.
Of those consumers who did purchase through the affiliate channel, their average online order value was higher than that of the general Internet user
Such an under-taking is a time-consuming and daunting task with respect to shares in controlled affiliates and is typically deferred until the affiliate is sold, or otherwise participates in a group reorganization.
A long-time leader in the affiliate marketing space, KowaBunga
For the foregoing reasons, we recommend that the effective date of the foreign affiliate legislation be delayed, at a minimum, for one year to permit taxpayers to comprehend its scope, and, if prudent, restructure their operations to avoid the unintended operating and administrative costs imposed by the legislation.
Digital River's affiliate development team works directly with affiliates to tailor a combination of programs and technologies designed to help them expand their online businesses.
R] MyAffiliateProgram (MYAP) affiliate tracking and management solution has been selected by Intuit Inc.