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Synonyms for affiliate

Synonyms for affiliate

to unite or be united in a relationship

one who is united in a relationship with another

a local unit of a business or an auxiliary controlled by such a business

Synonyms for affiliate

a subordinate or subsidiary associate

Related Words

a subsidiary or subordinate organization that is affiliated with another organization

join in an affiliation

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The firewall prohibiting lending to retail customers for securities purchases during the underwriting period addresses one of the most important potential conflicts of interests arising from the affiliation of commercial and investment banking: the possibility that a bank would extend credit at below-market rates to induce consumers to purchase securities underwritten by its section 20 affiliate.
In recognition of the above mentioned deficits in service delivery to individuals over age 21 who are deaf-blind, the Transition Subcommittee applied to the Helen Keller National Center for funding to establish an affiliate position to work closely with the transition program and address the needs of individuals who are already out of school.
In many instances, shares of an affiliate are transferred without the issuance of shares to the vendor as consideration (a requirement for a paragraph 95(2)(c) rollover) since the receipt of shares may not be necessary for a tax-free transaction in the local jurisdiction.
Proprietary research, recently released by Performics in conjunction with comScore, documents the affiliate channel's ability to connect advertisers to affluent and highly desirable demographic groups.
Officers of the all-volunteer board for the Komen Central Wisconsin Affiliate are president Susan Ford-Hoffert, vice president of marketing communications for Fiserv Health; vice president Theresa Traum, CPA and executive director of the UW Cancer Center; and treasurer Maria Bruggink, CPA at Wipfli.
The latter section elicits information about cross-border business transactions -- transactions where a Canadian taxpayer either is on one side of a transaction directly or controls (or is deemed to control) affiliate transactions wholly outside of Canada.
Affiliate shoppers are 4 percent more likely to have children in their households than the typical Internet shopper
In the event the six-month deadline for filing information reports in respect of foreign affiliates is retained, taxpayers should be permitted to (1) request an automatic extension of time within which to file the information or (2) submit the annual report based on the most recently completed accounts or tax returns for the foreign affiliate.
As a unique super affiliate, Second Bite works on a performance basis, recovering revenue in turn for commissions on each sale.
One exception to the definition of "investment business" in subsection 95(1) includes a requirement that the foreign affiliate employ more than five persons whose full-time duties are devoted to the active conduct of the business.
Digital River will unveil oneNetworkDirect and trialTracker at the Affiliate Summit 2007 West, where oneNetworkDirect is a silver-level sponsor.
s service department assists with managing the implementation of the program, including affiliate communications and payments to affiliates.
Dalton, age 40, joined AMG in 1996 as Senior Vice President and General Counsel, and became Executive Vice President responsible for the Company's Affiliate Development efforts in 2001.
The proposed sale to an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners is subject to approval by the Bankruptcy Court.