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The affidavit does not name the man hired by Gygi, but states that he expressed concern about violating his parole in June when he drove from Oregon to Utah to warn Gygi's ex-husband.
Having said that, the Supreme Court ruled that the facts recited in the affidavit were sufficient for a reasonable person to logically infer that evidence would be found at Ward's home, without having to resort to any special personal experience.
Reached by phone, Cruz hung up when asked about the affidavit.
June 22, 2007) (holding supplemental affidavit submitted with surreply may be "timely and permissible" under Rule 56 (c) and (e)); Pike v.
To the defendants' argument that the earlier case was different because it concerned a procedural rule, not substantive law, the court responded, "While the requirement for an affidavit of reasonable cause may well fall in the category of substantive law, an automatic dismissal of the cause of action if the affidavit is not filed within 30 days concerns enforcement of a remedy, and we hold it is procedural.
One unidentified informant told federal officials he overheard a company salesman tell the owners ``if they ever had product that was difficult to sell, they would make Fred buy it,'' the affidavit shows.
Construction of the rules as to the issue of whether financial affidavit can be waived has led to different standards for simplified dissolutions as opposed to original proceedings.
In the original case, an affidavit, which was sworn by Heldeman when she was a Brant CAS employee, constituted a major portion of evidence for the Brant CAS in a child welfare case and also chronicled her involvement with the child and family for about one year until December 2003.
Keyser admitted to the FBI that he met with Taiwanese intelligence officers in Washington and in Taipei without notifying officials at the State Department, according to the FBI affidavit submitted to the U.
That newspaper's reports said an affidavit from a former Boeing cost analyst, separate e-mails, and Air Force papers seemed to contradict Boeing's assertions that only a few "renegade" mid-level managers, who have since been fired or disciplined, were involved in wrongdoing.
Fob" James has released an affidavit asserting that William Pryor agreed to help him defy the federal courts in a dispute over governmental display of the Ten Commandments.
According to the affidavit, when interviewed by Detective Bavosi in March, Mr.
According to an unnamed source who is working for Wall Street, all top executive and hedge-funds are talking about the affidavit.
After the matter was brought to the court's attention by Bhushan, the judges asked Sinha to file an affidavit explaining " things in black and white".