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a person who makes an affidavit

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115) Another affiant, often quoted by Hausner, Rudolf Hoss, former commander of Auschwitz, had been executed in Poland.
23) Regardless of the abandonment, it is apparent that the majority found Closen's opinions relevant and persuasive arguments that Illinois law followed a particular standard for affiant identification and that Kinko's had violated that standard.
In addition, before a public employer considers a bid from a contractor for the performance of services within the State, the employer shall ensure that the bid includes a signed, notarized affidavit from the contractor attesting to (1) the affiant's registration with, and authorization to use, the Federal work authorization program, (2) the user identification number and date of authorization for the affiant, and (3) the affiant's use of, and commitment to continue using, the Federal work authorization program throughout the contract period.
109) In response to this objection, the defendant submitted a supplemental affidavit with its reply from the same affiant elaborating on the matters asserted in his original affidavit and presenting new factual information not contained in the prior affidavit.
The affiant stated she had reviewed the patient's medical records and concluded that suit for medical malpractice was meritorious.
As to acts undertaken in good faith reliance thereon, an affidavit executed and acknowledged by a grantor, releasor or mortgagor under penalty of perjury stating that, at the time of delivery of the deed, release or mortgage, the affiant had no spouse who was then entitled to claim the benefit of an existing declaration of homestead, shall be conclusive proof of the nonexistence of such benefit at that time.
The engagement and responsibilities of the affiant, and any advice they provided to the taxpayer, must be included along with the individual's name, current address, and taxpayer identification number.
The affiant must identify the applicable standard of care, opine that the defendant breached that standard, specify the actions that should have been undertaken, or omitted, and specify the manner in which the breach of the standard of care was the proximate cause of the injury.
Levi-Strauss, by performing a similar work on kinship, again reduces affiant terms into a four sided oppositional system despite the multiplicity of them in every culture.
The affiant had to have personal knowledge, and was accountable in tort if the suspected items were not found (p.
The first word, affiant, is a legalism for 'one who swears to an affidavit.
The affiant may also rely upon the expertise of others.
Steinberg and Associates in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (APMR) filed a motion for summary judgment alleging that the plaintiff failed to file a valid affidavit of merit under applicable state law because Bujarski, the notary, testified that, while she signed the jurat on each affidavit acknowledging that the affidavit was subscribed and sworn to before her, she did not know either affiant, Gonzales or Thomas, she did not witness their signatures, she did not verify the affiants' identities and she did not administer an oath to either affiant.
As a matter of personal curiosity I have asked the affiant DEA agents the question: `Are we winning the war on drugs?