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a person who makes an affidavit

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The affiant is unable to procure service of summons on Deadbeat Dad within this state.
With [the requirement of] two affiants that have to appear in front of a judge, you have no police on the street.
(271) See Goldberg, supra note 46, at 808 (describing how courts have not quantified what counts as a reliable track record, because often courts require only a general assertion by an affiant that the informant has supplied information leading to arrests).
The other two affiants stated that Owens had approached them in the Brunswick Hotel and given each $100, directing them to bet at odds of 10 to 7 on Columbus.
The first affidavit requires that the affiant aver that the
Such an affidavit, if found to be false, exposes the affiant to the penalty of triple damages.
Affiant recommends 90 grains for 240- to 260-grain bullets, which made for a pleasant-to-shoot load that gave the 245-and 250-grain bullets speeds about 300 fps slower than 100 grains of 2FG or 3FG Triple Seven, but about the same as Pyrodex RS with the same bullet weights.
The first argument proffered by the affidavit--a stock form of which was furnished by the commission--held that a player's compliance with Selective Service Act "will cause substantial financial loss not only to himself and to his employer but to the general prosperity of the country," and the second argued that the "affiant further says that he is not skilled in any employment other than the one in which he is now engaged," a claim which was to be stricken from affidavits submitted by players who were also farmers.
The county continues to bleed jobs through Affiant Techsystems' (ATK) past and upcoming layoffs.
And considering the high potentials in attracting citizens, providing calm and safe environment and without any treatments of transportation means: is one of the important tools in urban design for creating the sustainable urban spaces and is the better from of sustainable city's transportation system and in the new millennium, we will affiant the developing of pedestrian streets in all over the world cities.
The district court found that this statement was made with "reckless disregard for the truth," (116) despite the fact that the affiant believed the statement.