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give to in marriage

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Within a remarkably few years, the steady drift away from grass-roots organizing created a power vacuum that fostered the explosive growth of direct action movements like the antinuclear affiances of the late 1970s and the unquestionably confrontational Greenpeace.
Market forces will also precipitate the need for buyouts, mergers and strategic affiances in the Indian media scene.
In that last case a campaign for an Unemployed BUI of Rights got widespread support from the A.F.L.-C.I.O., the Urban League, religious affiances and others.
Publishers have enjoyed the benefits of long-term strategic affiances with vendors and "we've developed a certain level of comfort and dependency," admitted Hearst of the Albany, N.Y., Times Union."We were always looking for feature-rich applications and support.
However, his affiances with such men as Amazonino Mendes, the governor of the state of Amazonas who once offered to hand out free chain saws to clear the rain forest, and Albano Franco, archconservative president of the National Confederation of Industry, suggest that his attacks on the political establishment should not be taken too seriously.