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Synonyms for affianced

pledged to marry

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"And for whom is the second appointment destined?" asked De Guiche, "is it for anyone to whom Manicamp may happen to be affianced? In that case I pity her, poor girl!
For the moment there is more of compassion, both for her and for himself, in her affianced husband's face, than there is of love.
'Take me back at once, please,' urges his Affianced, quickly laying her light hand upon his wrist.
So, when I had pledged myself to comfort and abet Herbert in the affair of his heart by all practicable and impracticable means, and when Herbert had told me that his affianced already knew me by reputation and that I should be presented to her, and when we had warmly shaken hands upon our mutual confidence, we blew out our candles, made up our fire, locked our door, and issued forth in quest of Mr.
I landed here, regulated the affairs of the vessel, and hastened to visit my affianced bride, whom I found more lovely than ever.
Now that JAMB is fast approaching, it is not impossible to see that some dreams will be shattered as usual, at the commencement of post UTME too, dreams will decrepit and 'ill-will' will embrace people like an affianced wife, many will feel fetishized because it would be another wasted year of opportunity.
"IF YOU GET ENGAGED to someone not on Facebook, did it really happen?" This post from an affianced woman, showing off her new sparkler, sums up the modern era rather perfectly.
Tolkien was newly affianced, and now he was headed to the Somme.
One of the most significant traditions in Arab countries, including Egypt, is that many parents can reject a man who wants to marry their daughter, because he is poor, he does not own a luxurious apartment, he does not have a prestigious car, or he cannot offer a comparatively valuable "shabka." It is jewelry granted by the man before he is affianced to the woman he wishes to marry.
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson became the subject of engagement rumours Monday afternoon with outlets reporting that they were recently affianced.
If they are affianced, they must mean something slightly different from the term now available to committed but unmarried couples, who call themselves partners.
The solution of the production's director, John Cox, as to which lover ends up with which (the original affianced couples or the ones paired in reverse for their mock courtships) was to have both men depart at the finale, leaving the ladies by themselves, at odds with the musics exuberance.
We were newly affianced and newly in possession of a home, one that had yet to be filled with children or even furniture.
One was a young virgin who unexpectedly found herself pregnant, but not by Joseph, to whom she was affianced. (Which brings us to the question of why, in her delicate condition, Mary was sent to another town to visit with Elizabeth.