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pledged to marry

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The school, without Emily, presented the severest trial of endurance that he had encountered, since the day when he had been deserted and disgraced by his affianced wife.
Horace advanced to meet her, opened his lips to speak, and stopped--struck dumb by the change in his affianced wife since he had seen her last.
That is the name that they usually give to an affianced bride; but you must not imagine that there is the slightest imputation of any kind implied or intended by the use of the word in this case.
And next time I saw him, he accosted me in all confidence as his affianced bride, and immediately began to settle matters with mamma.
Crawley walking with his cousin and long affianced bride the day before: and she told how kind and gentle-looking the lady was, and what a plain, not to say common, dress she had, all the articles of which, from the bonnet down to the boots, she described and estimated with female accuracy.
Well, that's something,' the affianced replies, half grumbling.
For the moment there is more of compassion, both for her and for himself, in her affianced husband's face, than there is of love.
Take me back at once, please,' urges his Affianced, quickly laying her light hand upon his wrist.
It is sufficient for our purpose to say that they loved, that the youth was not backward to declare his feelings, that he prevailed with some facility over the scruples of the maiden, and with no little difficulty over the objections of her father, and that before the province of Louisiana had been six months in the possession of the States, the officer of the latter was the affianced husband of the richest heiress on the banks of the Mississippi.
85-1 favourite, the Jean-Claude Rouget-trained Moon Queen contested the early pace before fading in the straight, while the Jim Bolger-trained Affianced
Andy Murray's newly affianced lady is a sunny Sagittarian, which is a great sign for a sportsperson's partner, as they are delightfully upbeat, independent and never clingy or in need of massive public displays of affection.
After all, according to several commentators, including Berthier (1892), Poletto (1894), Mestica (1921), Casini/Barbi (1921), Sapegno (1955), Singleton (1970), and Bosco/Reggio (1979), Guido was affianced to Farinata's daughter, whose name happened to be Beatrice, in 1267 by the elder Cavalcante; and according to Porena (1946), Chimenz (1962), Giacalone (1968), Pasquini/Quaglio (1982), Hollander (2000), who do not mention the betrothal, they were married.
He is affianced to Karen Roberts and he has one child by a previous marriage.
Segmental: two parts of two adjacent parts of body are affianced such as hand and neck [28].
au/sport/brad-pitt-and-angelina-jolie-could-head-to-melbourne-for-australian-open/story-fni2u98u-1226795357784) The Herald Sun , the "Mr & Mrs Smith" co-stars and affianced lovers top the list of celebrities that are invited to watch the games at the Melbourne Park.