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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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Among them, the following points should be clarified: 1) degree of participation of the MAA and AA metabolites and others in the effect of dipyrone; 2) mechanism(s) by which pyrazolone derivatives activate the capsaicin-sensitive afferent pathways; 3) mechanism(s) additional to the activation of the [beta]2-adrenoceptor mediating the effect of the AA metabolite delaying GE; 4) origin of the norepinephrine mediator in the SNS; 5) participation of the PVN in the integration between the spinal and/or vagal afferent pathways; 6) the efferent pathways of the vagus (adrenergic) and the SNS involved in the various effects of dipyrone.
[8] Lim wrote that cochlear afferent pathway activity can be adjusted by efferent impulses through the subsynaptic cisterns of the inner hair cells.
Given that multiple efferent and afferent pathways are involved in LUT infection, each of these is a potential pharmacologic target for patients with OAB.
This expression supports the notion that CB2-mediated effects may be regulated by a functional interplay between the endocannabinoid and [mu]-opioid systems, resulting in an indirect activation of opioid receptors expressed in primary afferent pathways (31).
It represents the level of neuromuscular coordination in which the body, through different physical, chemical and mechanical processes, decodes auditory reaction time (ART) and visual reaction time (VRT), which travel via afferent pathways and reach the brain as sensory stimuli.
(2.) Nair KP, Taly AB, Rao S, Murali T Afferent pathways of sympathetic skin response in spinal cord: a clinical and electrophysiological study.
Cravo, "Afferent pathways involved in cardiovascular adjustments induced by hypertonic saline resuscitation in rats submitted to hemorrhagic shock," Shock, vol.
Recent evidence that FES of cutaneous afferent pathways is effective in modulating the generation of stepping in cats and humans with SCI [44-45] could indicate that applied stimulation may enhance afferent modulation of spinal circuitry.
This seminal discovery has had a major impact on our understanding of the biology of obesity, describing some of the key afferent pathways in body weight regulation active in man.