afferent neuron

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a neuron conducting impulses inwards to the brain or spinal cord

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Gastroprotective action of lafutidine mediated by capsaicin-sensitive afferent neurons without interaction with TRPV1 and involvement of endogenous prostaglandins.
Using micro-iontophoretic techniques, several authors have demonstrated that glutamate antagonists can protect the afferent neurons of the inner hair cells from neuro-excitotoxicity.
Identification and substance P content of vagal afferent neurons innervating the epithelium of the guinea pig trachea; Am J Respir Crit Care Med 159:194,3-1948 (1999).
14) When the ECM is toxic with pollutants, cell polarity deficits that involve signaling networks, transcription factors, membrane-trafficking pathways, and quorum cell-to-cell communication are potentially disrupted while afferent neurons become desensitized.
To study the intracellular pain sensing mechanisms in primary afferent neurons, a novel, in vitro co-culture system was created, combining MRMT-1 carcinoma cells and DRG neurons.
3-5) The microbiome is 100-fold larger than that of its host and culture-based assays, and a variety of molecular methods that include fluorescent in situ hybridization, terminal restriction fragment length polymorphisms, microarrays, and direct sequencing reveal exciting new data on how human microbiotica can detoxify the body, fight inflammation, and nourish afferent neurons that regenerate the body.
P2X3 receptor subunits are expressed specifically in so-called C-fiber afferent neurons in multiple organ systems including joints and hollow organs suggesting a high degree of specificity to the nociceptive system (the system in the human body that perceives pain).
Afferent neurons are believed to play a role in many pathological conditions of the bladder and urinary tract such as interstitial cystitis, a debilitating condition often associated with severe pain as well as urgency and high frequency of urination.
The receptor is expressed on primary afferent neurons involved in pain sensation.