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Synonyms for afferent

transmitting impulses from sense organs to nerve centers


Synonyms for afferent

a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system

of nerves and nerve impulses

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This preferential effect of lidocaine on larger diameter afferent fibres could be confirmed by studying afferent electroneurograms after lidocaine injection.
In their new study, Sliman Bensmaia from the University of Chicago, two former undergraduates and a postdoctoral scholar in his lab-Matthew Best, Emily Mackevicius and Hannes Sl - found that the skin is also highly sensitive to vibrations, and that these vibrations produce corresponding oscillations in the afferents, or nerves, that carry information from the receptors to the brain.
Afferent actions from the lower limb are evidently switched between inhibition and facilitation depending on the position of the hip, indicating that position of the hip is a control- ling factor of spinal reflex excitability.8,9,19,20 The hip joint movement during gait was not recorded in present experiment but the normal pattern of hip movement suggests that it could participate in the inhibition of the CPQ reflex during the transition period.
The muscle spindle is bypassed because artificial electrical stimulation is applied at the sensory Ia afferent axons, rather than stretching the muscle to activate the muscle spindle.
Afferent nerves that enter the brain or spinal cord may synapse with efferent nerves that leave the central nervous system and terminate in various effectors.
Afferent information from the lungs during the respiratory cycle and the stomach due to chemical discharge and mechanical, nutritional and immune stimuli has a notable concomitance with pain and the cognitive-behavioral dimension (Berthoud & Neuhuber, 2000).
Conversely, if the MAP falls, afferent arteriolar dilation occurs to allow for increased blood flow and maintenance of a normal [P.sub.GC] and GFR.
Using micro-iontophoretic techniques, several authors have demonstrated that glutamate antagonists can protect the afferent neurons of the inner hair cells from neuro-excitotoxicity.
These data indicated that TRPA1 activation in primary afferent neurons might induce SP release, which can elicit neurogenic inflammation, as well as promote duodenal lesions.
Most recently, as chief executive officer of Afferent Pharmaceuticals from 2014-2016, She led the company's development of its lead molecule, AF-219/MK-7264, through a full complement of mid-stage clinical trials to Phase 3 readiness as a novel treatment for chronic cough, and ultimately, the sale of the company to Merck in 2016 for USD1.25 billion, including USD500 million upfront.
Most recently, Glaub has served as chief executive officer of Afferent Pharmaceuticals from 2014-2016 as well as co-led Plexxikon Inc as President for 12 years until May 2013.