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Synonyms for affectivity

a complex and usually strong subjective response, such as love or hate

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The meta-analytic model described by Brown and Rector (2008) comprises four factors: neuroticism/negative affectivity, choice/commitment anxiety, lack of readiness, and interpersonal conflicts (Brown et al., 2012).
iii) Questionnaire about the respondent's affectivity level, composed of 15 questions, adapted from the McNair, Lorr, and Droppleman (1992) POMS (Profile of Mood States), and validated by Viana, Almeida, and Santos (2001), using a 7 point Likert scale encompassing states of positive affectivity (e.g.
Past studies indicated that job-related affections influenced employee deviance, particularly negative affectivity (Alias et al., 2012; Salami, 2010; Aquino, Lewis, and Bradfield, 1999).
An unexpected finding is that positive affectivity was negatively related to perceived CSR authenticity.
Zubair Chhaya was of view the PSQCA should also consider the internal problems to improve its affectivity. Farukh Mazher urged to make stronger Private Public Partnership to win the idea of standardized industrial and trading activities in the country.
(14) The core distinction, then, that follows is that "[affirmation] is first of all affectivity, a matter of feeling.
Negative affectivity and poor self-efficacy are the potential risk factors that worsen the post-burn health and poor prognosis after burn injury.
Revenue Memorandum Circular 105-2017 stated that "with the affectivity of the TRAIN it is imperative that a smooth transition as to withholding tax rates is ensured."
To carry out this task the author develops four points of contact between the two thinkers: (1) the idea of the existence of a priori laws in the emotional sphere; (2) the defense of spiritual (geistige) forms of affectivity; (3) the idea that affective responses to value can be correct or incorrect, that is, adequate or not according to the value to which they respond; and (4) the existence of a kind of emotive evidence ([Gemutsevidenz) that parallels evidence in the realm of judgment.
1) variables that describe the human individual: general abilities, specific skills, affectivity, intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation; memory type, attention characteristics; individual and collective attitudes; volition characteristics;
The company sticks to their services' affectivity, promising customers that the results they get will never disappoint them and they will get their money's worth.
Interestingly, Belkin and her co-author also saw that recalling being uncomfortably hot also increased their negative affectivity, but it did not have any impact on prosocial behavior, while reduction in positive affect did.
Emotional intelligence had significant positive relationships with job satisfaction and positive affectivity. Positive affectivity had a significant positive relationship whereas negative affectivity had a significant negative relationship with job satisfaction.
This study examines the association of individuals' NSE self-identification and negative affectivity with women's sexual dissatisfaction in an undergraduate sample.