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Synonyms for affective

relating to, arising from, or appealing to the emotions

Synonyms for affective

characterized by emotion

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Further, if the organization selects personnel with high values of openness, fairness, logic and moral integrity and promote these values in the organization it will have a workforce more affectively and normatively committed.
Popova concluded that she is working on changes to the Bulgarian penal code so that authorities can affectively target organized crime.
Affectively, the therapist sets aside his or her own emotional self in order to feel what the client feels.
With the Gaza Strip already under siege, the mandate affectively applies to only the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
People experience, understand, evaluate, and affectively respond to interests through particular perspectives, so much so that what first needs to be addressed are the perspectives rather than the interests, especially when the perspectives have become limited, skewed, or otherwise distorted.
In their testimony, before the US Congress, both, simultaneously, argued affectively and diligently that, lifting the sanctions, and the Sudan's name from the list of the countries that sponsor terrorism, should and must be addressed in a rather cautious manner.
Hamad reviewed goals of the strategy and phases of preparing it, saying that the strategy aims at establishing local ruling to run local development affectively.
But how could the Union become a global power if it cannot act affectively in its own region," Bagis said.
Officials say this would affectively solve the country's housing problem, while still protecting the environment.
The results the employer receives from completing the survey along with the guidance from InTalent Consulting will really help the company make sure they are affectively addressing their future workforce needs," said Jamie Bulen, associate state director of communications for AARP New Hampshire
Lesley Muncey, co-chairwoman of Feline Friends, said she hoped the laws would be affectively implemented.
UNITED NATIONS (PAN): France has introduced in the United Nations Security Council a resolution aimed at affectively handling the illicit drugs trade in Afghanistan.
All over the city, for example, the age-old problem of illegal subletting is being combated affectively for the first time through an integrated card access control and digital surveillance and storage system.
Chapter 3 deepens the discussion of a 'non-discursive, affectively toned assessment of the goodness of the world' using the models of Quentin Smith and Friedrich Scheiermacher.
In the early weeks and months, following Hamas lonely ascent to power in March 2006, we began seeing respected Palestinian intellectuals making some disturbing statements to the media, attacking Hamas as if it's some alien body, shipped from Tehran, and thus, affectively, validating the international embargo.