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Synonyms for affective

relating to, arising from, or appealing to the emotions

Synonyms for affective

characterized by emotion

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He also directed departments concerned to affectively discharge their assigned duties.
Talking on media role Khurram Shahzad said, media the strongest platform which can affectively persuade public towards importance of voting by airing positive shows regarding elections.
The Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat on Thursday expressed strong displeasure over the unnecessary delay in finalising the case of Grand Hyatt Hotel, Islamabad and directed that FIA may pursue the Court Case affectively for early adjudication so that culprits could be penalized without further delay.
"Much of the payment is being pushed back to the final account, and the contractors are affectively carrying the cash for the client until the project is completed."
preemption is when the futurity of unspecified threat is affectively held in the present in a perpetual state of potential emergence(y) so that a movement of actualization may be triggered that is not only self-propelling but also effectively, indefinitely, ontologically productive, because it works from a virtual cause whose potential no single actualization exhausts.
He urged upon the Community Police Force people for playing their due role actively and most affectively in order to enhance the police performance and to make the environment further peaceful and better by complete elimination of the crime from the society.
It affectively remains closed and locked during normal stormwater runoff and light rain.
Reyes notes that splatterpunk actively involves the reader/spectator in a "fictional transaction" (32) by affectively appealing to carnality as a shared terrain among readers, spectators, and characters; readings of Richard Laymon's Flesh (1988) and Resurrection Dreams (1988) and Clive Barker's "The Body Politic" (1985) and "The Book of Blood" (1984) are then offered to explore how this corporeal exchange operates in specific splatterpunk texts.
The most preferred metaphors were overwhelmingly: "Life is like a journey or voyage" and "Life is like an adventure," and least preferred were overwhelmingly: "Life is like a war" and "Life is like a penal colony or prison." Qualitatively, medical students' life-metaphors were predominantly active, individualistic, and affectively positive.
The Chairwoman of the delegation, Amna Derar has pointed out that the meeting comes in the context of the Sudanese woman concern over the national issues and her support to peace and stability in the country, calling on women to participate affectively in the ongoing societal dialogue in response to the President's call of Jan.2014 .
And it means bigger clubs can affectively wait to see how younger players progress at smaller clubs after the first few games of the season, before snatching talent and turning heads.
Since, 'DDD' is a young film at heart, director Zoya Akhtar thought of this strategy - to spread awareness about the movie, hopefully affectively. You have to be a marketing wizard, when it comes down to planning a movie release.
Only then, we believe, it would be right to finalise the Local Plan and not as Labour have affectively done by making the decision to approve it at September's council meeting.
He urged all Yemeni citizens to cooperate affectively with security apparatus in order to maintain security, stability, and social peace.
The Majura Wanna was performed by female dancers affectively trained by Ms.