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Synonyms for affective

relating to, arising from, or appealing to the emotions

Synonyms for affective

characterized by emotion

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Qualitatively, the leadership students' life-metaphors were active, affectively positive, and individualistic, and exerted a strong impact on students' decision-making.
While Leishman three-putted to affectively drop out of the contest, Johnson responded by nailing his birdie putt from 10 feet.
THERE are many grounds to claim that PPI was missold to you, the most common are: It was not made clear to |you that the insurance was optional You were not told that you may |be able to get a cheaper quote elsewhere You were not told that the |PPI premium was being added to a loan or finance agreement meaning you would pay interest on it You were not told of |exclusions under the policy - such as pre-existing medical conditions affectively rendering the policy useless HOW EASY IS IT TO MAKE A PPI CLAIM?
Since, 'DDD' is a young film at heart, director Zoya Akhtar thought of this strategy - to spread awareness about the movie, hopefully affectively.
Other major laws included the one on partnership between government and private sectors, establishing an authority for IT and communications, and another one for land transport and roads to affectively address the ongoing traffic problem.
He urged all Yemeni citizens to cooperate affectively with security apparatus in order to maintain security, stability, and social peace.
More specifically, in chapter four Brief redefined JS as a critique of previous measures of job satisfaction which failed to adequately examine how individuals affectively evaluate their jobs.
The Majura Wanna was performed by female dancers affectively trained by Ms.
2003) differed significantly among positively, neutrally, and negatively affectively primed participants, F(2, 74) = 4.
The affective priming effect consists on a reaction time advantage for affectively congruent pairs (e.
Jacobus rises above the sometimes-shallow assumptions critics make about the siblings' relationship to think sensitively about what it affectively meant for the two to be together.
Because the worlds from which past art objects come from are lost to the art historian, Holly is interested in (1) what the art historian is trying to do by writing about these affectively charged objects and (2) whether the art historian even really encounters the art object when approached this way.
ATAC said that this would affectively mean CDN 700m in relief per year for the next five years.
I was "in" the realization, swimming in the sea of suffering, not only rationally understanding but affectively feeling the communion of myself and others.
In Swartz's hands, the entire premises feel affectively dynamic, the field of vision and physical museological structures included.