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Synonyms for aggression

Synonyms for aggression

Synonyms for aggression

a disposition to behave aggressively

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a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack

violent action that is hostile and usually unprovoked

the act of initiating hostilities

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Examining an affective aggression framework: Weapon and temperature affects on aggressive thoughts, affect, and attitudes.
Affective aggression is reactive to the environment and is characterized by high levels of arousal and poor modulation of behavior.
Instrumental aggression is described as aggression without intent to do harm, while affective aggression presupposes cognitive/emotional etiologies for overtly aggressive behaviors (Geen, 1990).
However, affective aggression need not be motivated by anger, but may parallel the enactment of aggressive behavior (Berkowitz, 1983).
A functional model of affective aggression, based upon Geen's theoretical model, is provided to delineate the identifiable variables in the aggression process.