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Synonyms for affective

relating to, arising from, or appealing to the emotions

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Synonyms for affective

characterized by emotion

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The reliability of the scale is 0.73.Employee's affective commitment is measured by the eight-item scale of affective commitment which is developed by Allen and Meyer28.
Thus, we proposed that the effects of HPWS on employees' affective commitment can be explained by the opportunity-providing, and skill- and motivation-enhancing functions identified in the AMO, and that these positive effects may be moderated by employees' work engagement, length of tenure, and perceived external opportunities.
Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that comes around the same time each year, usually beginning in autumn and ending in spring.
Affective commitment refers to the emotional bond between the individual and the organization, the degree or strength of the person's positive feelings toward the organization.
From conscious to subconscious levels, our brain has been tuned to be sensitive to all kinds of affective information with different degrees of positive and negative values.
As Jie Yang notes in the introductory chapter, "affect" can be both an "analytical tool and a force for reconfiguring power and achieving political and economic objectives," noting the tendency to look at East Asia in terms of "dispositions," which in some cases can also be categorized as "affective registers," ways of employing emotional bonds to "closely shape the material and ideological processes of everyday life" (p.
ABSTRACT: This study aimed to determine the influence of ethical work climate on work engagement among Malaysian secondary school teachers and the role of affective well-being as moderator.
Introduction: The objective of this study was to investigate affective temperaments of parents of children with ADHD and the relationship between ADHD and affective temperaments.
HANDS-ON experience of working with experimental, interactive systems will be at the heart of the new MSc in Affective Computing at Wrexham Glyndwr University.
So many people get the winter blues, in fact, that there's a name for it: seasonal affective disorder. 
Dance expertise modulates behavioral and psychophysiological responses to affective body movement.
In contrast, CAC uses two image components--cognitive image and affective image--to predict people's visit intention, i.e., conative image (Gartner, 1996).
This study explores the relationship between affective commitment and subjective career success among academics in the private sector of the country as the emotional attachment of employees to the organization, whereby, employees identify with the organization is of utmost importance.