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When he senta copy of his novel to Richard Chenevix Trench, Maurice explained it as an expression of his desire "to have more deep and affectionate sympathy with every state of feeling through which I or any dear friends have passed." (6) In the novel itself the depth of the sympathy is more apparent than its affectionateness, but the nature of Maurice's project is clear: his plan was to write a novel that embodied as completely as possible not just his own experience, but the experience of his group.
Table 4 presents examples of how her gesture reveals two of her personality traits: wittiness and affectionateness.
* Agreeableness traits include affectionateness, friendliness to people, and gentleness.
there was hidden somewhere in his heart a warm spot of affectionateness and desire for approval" (240).
The Moon encourages your affectionateness. Yet, it is travelling into its monthly opposition with the Sun, and you may have to make your mind up a romance or a friendship.
While Wollstonecraft--in the manner of Rousseau's Julie--kept her patience and affectionateness, it is now Godwin who "dwelt with trembling fondness on every favourable circumstance" (Memoirs 268; my emphasis).
The word "hug" signifies simultaneously affectionateness and the difficulty of avoiding an unwanted embrace.
156), but the Jews may have the advantage over the working class, since the negative effects of being 'an expatriated, denationalized race, used for ages to live among antipathetic populations' are less than would be 'the case of a people who had neither their adhesion to a separate religion founded on historic memories, nor their characteristic family affectionateness' (pp.