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Few politicians made a greater impact on Birmingham, even fewer will be remembered so affectionately.
"Sexy Rexy," as fans affectionately know him, joined NBC in 1983.
LiveJournal--or LJ, as many affectionately call it--is a popular blog that allows people to keep a running diary about their lives, their opinions, or anything else they want to post.
TWO PROFESSORS AND MIDDLE EAST scholars at the University of Maryland are affectionately known around campus as the "Odd Couple." One is an Israeli, and the other is a Palestinian.
Jefferson, affectionately called T.J., Munich feels like home.
So who's de Lozada, affectionately known as "Goni," going to call?
I did my research." The new amenity was a hit with Burke's customers, who affectionately referred to it as the "Butt Bus" and "Puff the Magic Wagon."
Dolshey, as it has been affectionately named by locals, will be released back into the wilds at the boat club in Clifden this afternoon at three o'clock.
Entering into service in 1979, and known affectionately as the 'Super Jumbo', ANA's 747SR was the world's first aircraft to carry five hundred people in an all economy configuration.
His short snappy segments about Pat, who may have discovered a Scottish masterwork in her new boss's art gallery; about her irresistible but shamelessly narcissistic flat mate, Bruce; about Irene, who with all the best intentions that New Age child psychology texts can supply is turning her gentle, gifted son Bertie into a five-year-old vandal; and about many others present a lighthearted, affectionately satirical glimpse of Edinburgh society.
Affectionately know as IKB to his fans, Brunel was recently voted second only to Winston Churchill in a BBC TV poll to find Britain's Greatest Briton.
As a woman and a mother of twin 3-year old boys who are being cared for by my husband, Rodgers, whom I affectionately call 'Mr.
The Toronto International Film Festival, affectionately known as TIFF, turns 30 this year.
Okino Daito Jima, affectionately known as "The Rock," allowed aircrew and maintainers to sharpen their skills in live weapons training.
Elizabeth's to pursue what became a 35-year career with the Illinois Central Rail--CNS road, "Miss Helen," as she is affectionately known, deliberately chose to live across the street from her beloved "St.