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with affection


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My dear," added Priscilla, pressing her sister's hand affectionately as they walked side by side, "you'll never be low when you've got a dairy.
Noirtier, paler than even the young girl, more eager than Villefort for the decision, was watching also intently and affectionately.
Marmaduke smiled and nodded affectionately at the young couple, and closed the door after them.
Richard Salton put his hands affectionately on the boy's shoulders--though Adam was in his twenty-seventh year, he was a boy, and always would be, to his grand-uncle.
She said this not disparagingly, but affectionately rather, as though, by acknowledging the worst about him, she wished to protect him from the aspersions of her friends.
I am expecting you, Pierre," said the same voice, but gently and affectionately.
The child had kissed her uncle and aunt affectionately before she went upstairs, and now she looked around her little room rather wistfully, gazing at the simple trinkets and worn calico and gingham dresses, as if they were old friends.
He feasted his eyes on the words above the signature: she signed herself, "Yours gratefully and affectionately.
After greeting Dorothy affectionately the huge beasts lay down at the foot of the throne.
The sunshine caressed it warmly and affectionately, with evident disregard of its bad reputation.
Captain Jim looked at them all affectionately and then back again at Leslie's vivid face and glowing eyes.
Allworthy was pretty much moved with this speech, but it seemed not to be with anger; for, after a short silence, taking Mrs Miller by the hand, he said very affectionately to her, "Come, madam, let us consider a little about your daughter.
One must let you drink your coffee in peace, at least," said Matvey, in the affectionately gruff tone with which it was impossible to be angry.
Some conversation took place between him and his father, and the young stranger knelt at the old man's feet and would have kissed his hand, but he raised her and embraced her affectionately.
Sabin looked along his cigarette and pinched it affectionately.