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in a poignant or touching manner

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Having said that, Larkin (by choice or disposition) never matches the fierce note that Amis strikes so affectingly in poems such as "Nothing to Fear" ("I seem to sense/ A different style of caller at my back/ As cold as ice, but just as set on me") and in his squalid portrait of the Welsh traveling salesman Dai Evans from "The Evans Country" sequence:
21) Only in the altarpieces does Duccio, over time, develop a convincingly proportioned infant Christ, while it is in the small-scale paintings that he explores most affectingly the intimate relation of mother and child, with the figures gazing at each other rather than at the viewer-worshipper.
And, most affectingly, cheerful young Kenyan refugee Philip got the chance of a career as an accountant in John's own firm.
Soprano Joanne Lunn, alto Amanda Pyke, tenor Joseph Cornwall and baritone Christopher Foster sang clearly and affectingly.
For a reporter, Spinner is affectingly open: "The pace of covering the battle, of seeing the devastating injuries, of watching troops injured and killed, of watching insurgents blown to shreds, of seeing the city destroyed, of trying to capture all of it, exhausted me after weeks and weeks.
The imagined sidereal calm contrasts affectingly with the turbulence of agitated suffering that has run through the poem.
Motionless in his chair as a bust, breathing so gently as scarcely to seem certainly alive, he presented the image of repose midway between life and death, like the repose of sculpture; and to one who knew his history a repose affectingly contrasting with the calamities and internal storms of his life.
Here, the character of an old man, Gil Mendez, is affectingly developed as he moves through his days, unable to find work, in a low-income Latino neighborhood.
Critics praised it for the author's ability to create "subtle, idiosyncratic characters whose personalities seem utterly and affectingly distinctive.
Reportedly a child of Chicago's Skid Row, this affectingly parched singer studied at the knees of hard-living masters, which is evident in every one of these lost-it-all-and-then-some tracks.
Even as he is almost gleefully spelling out the blank horrors of life in wartime, he is also affectingly tuned into his characters' emotions.
Throughout, the best of the actors in Kevin's Room find ways to animate these characters affectingly, so that by the end we care about them and want to see more.
Joseph of Peace, wrote so affectingly about the plight of Sr.
Merle Feld's memoir, A Spiritual Life (SUNY, 1999), affectingly chronicles a frugal childhood and the flowering of her life once she entered the middle class through marriage.