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in a poignant or touching manner

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But, its focus on its two leads' thespic skills is too confidently but undeservedly rigorous to keep it consistently interesting and involving-and its denouement is more theoretically valid than affectingly earned.
The insouciant warbling of the two recorders, affectingly played, made Concerto No.
Gilpin cautions, however, that imagination should not stray far from nature: "The correct taste cannot bear those unnatural situations, in which heroes, and heroines are often placed: whereas a story, naturally, and of course affectingly told, .
His "Sestina" for voice (sung affectingly by Caroline Shaw) and orchestra (conducted by George Manahan) intoned a six-word poem by Ciara Shuttleworth.
Upon setting out on his journey, TS is, in some respects, resolutely practical and logical (he totes his heavy suitcase in a wagon), in some he is comically clueless as he tries to plan for every scenario (he contemplates packing a seismoscope in case he comes across a woodpecker), and in others he is affectingly childish (he takes his teddy bear, and is on a quest to eat a hot dog along the way).
The family consists of the Patriarch, retired Army Colonel, Peter Westcott Harrington, his wife, Corinna, affectingly called Cora, an eldest son, Sheppard, known as Shep to his friends, second son Reginald, but called Reggie, a sister named Margo and finally twenty-one year old Orson, constantly reminded by Shep as the family's baby.
The 29-year-old former Marine is one of more than 100 veterans who have turned their stories into sometimes affectingly personal songs at "Songwriting With Soldiers'' retreats.
Matthew McConaughey stars in a moving true story, affectingly played and made with untypical THE RUNNING MAN Film4 11.
Noah Haidle's Smokefall, a Goodman world premiere staged last fall by Anne Kauffman, ended up on the year-end top-10 lists of many of the city's critics (myself included), but the affectingly fractured look at family's pull didn't ignite as much interest as hoped.
The most Broadway-like singing was done by soprano Alicia Gianni in Petra the maid's alternately randy and wistful song, but mellow-voiced Canadian mezzo Carolyn Sproule affectingly avoided operatic grandiloquence as the long-suffering, tart-tongued wife of the bombastic Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm, potently sung by baritone Mark Diamond.
Based on video interviews with each participant, Carlson and director Amiel Gladstone put together a portrait of the city that affectingly spotlights individual stories through oral testimony: such as that of number 86, Joan Symons, who moved to Vancouver to escape memories of her first husband, who died in WW II, only to lose her eight-year old daughter a few years later, and who subsequently became a real estate agent and now has 22 grandchildren; or number 70, Minh Thai Nguyen, who came to Vancouver from Vietnam only five months prior to the start of rehearsals of 100% in order to provide better educational opportunities for his children, and who was hilarious on the social similarities between Vietnamese and Canadians.
Readers of Thoreau will have recognized that sauntering near to heaven's gate anticipates, in turn, the paradisiacal or golden-age landscape affectingly depicted at the end of Thoreau's "Walking" (1862).
Many were affectingly willing to welcome the "refrigerator" slur because of the implicit possibility that a change in their behaviour might bring about a cure -- a rescuing thaw.
Nice Wanton places responsibility for children's education squarely on parents, is haunted by a sense of what is lost in the failure of that responsibility, and aims to move all affectingly, whether they be protestant or Catholic.
Conversely, however, it is often a quite secondary element in 'The Death of Queen Jane' and in some versions looks to have been appended, rather superfluously, to a narrative that has already been affectingly resolved through the contrast between joy at the birth of Prince Edward and sorrow at the death of Queen Jane.