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Synonyms for affectingly

in a poignant or touching manner

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Tim Chipping, fRoots writer, recently commented after catching the band live "I'm convinced I have seen the most affectingly expressive singer since Amy Winehouse" Rachael Davis has a broad and faithful fanbase, admired especially by her peers, with a reputation as one of the classiest gals on the scene.
She formed a partnership with Smithson and his artist wife, Nancy Holt, that went exceptionally deep; Dwan's own evocative amateur film from their joint expedition in the Yucatan affectingly brought this home in the course of the installation.
Most affectingly, she also unflinchingly skewers the naive assumptions, self-indulgent rationalizations, and tormenting doubts of the hell-haunted girl she once was.
Ratele has written evocatively about the intimate sphere in a number of his essays, perhaps nowhere more affectingly than in his essay on being father to a black son who grows up speaking English ('Does he speak Xhosa?' in Jones and Dlamini).
Does he really retell Narnia more strongly and affectingly than Lewis did?
But most affectingly of all it showed some shaky mobile footage of Jo with her kids.
The dignified mortification on Will's face when Lou recruits a gang of blokes to lift his wheelchair out of the mud is affectingly underplayed, and a late wedding scene hums with the sort of romantic charge that goes missing elsewhere.
affectingly the traditional idea of "man"--that is, man and
Gilpin cautions, however, that imagination should not stray far from nature: "The correct taste cannot bear those unnatural situations, in which heroes, and heroines are often placed: whereas a story, naturally, and of course affectingly told, ...
His "Sestina" for voice (sung affectingly by Caroline Shaw) and orchestra (conducted by George Manahan) intoned a six-word poem by Ciara Shuttleworth.
Upon setting out on his journey, TS is, in some respects, resolutely practical and logical (he totes his heavy suitcase in a wagon), in some he is comically clueless as he tries to plan for every scenario (he contemplates packing a seismoscope in case he comes across a woodpecker), and in others he is affectingly childish (he takes his teddy bear, and is on a quest to eat a hot dog along the way).
The family consists of the Patriarch, retired Army Colonel, Peter Westcott Harrington, his wife, Corinna, affectingly called Cora, an eldest son, Sheppard, known as Shep to his friends, second son Reginald, but called Reggie, a sister named Margo and finally twenty-one year old Orson, constantly reminded by Shep as the family's baby.
The 29-year-old former Marine is one of more than 100 veterans who have turned their stories into sometimes affectingly personal songs at "Songwriting With Soldiers'' retreats.
Matthew McConaughey stars in a moving true story, affectingly played and made with untypical restraint by McG.
Matthew McConaughey stars in a moving true story, affectingly played and made with untypical THE RUNNING MAN Film4 11.45PM Decked out in Day-Glo, Arnold Schwarzenegger stands his ground in a futuristic TV game show.