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Synonyms for affecting

emotionally moving

Synonyms for affecting

exciting a deep, usually somber response

Synonyms for affecting

arousing affect

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There are many aspects of the environment that can affect our eating and physical activity patterns including how we build our communities [built environment], how we market food and physical activity or inactivity (commercial environment), our policies affecting food and physical activity (policy environment), and our social and cultural values (social-cultural environment).
He was then 38 years old and presented with diffuse infiltration of the facial skin affecting the eyelids, mainly the right, which showed discrete exophthalmus (figure 1).
Seeking health care can be the first step to identifying and treating a host of illnesses affecting women and their families.
Some of the factors affecting density and the efficiency with which the density is obtained (and thus affecting casting wear), include:
Isolating these drive-induced vibrations will prevent them from migrating and affecting neighboring drives.
Consequently, these rankings lead to simplistic and/or incomplete analyses that often create misleading perceptions adversely affecting cities and counties, along with their residents.
Findings indicate that factors most directly affecting clients were predictive of frustration, rather than factors that may indirectly support service quality or factors impacting workers' professional autonomy.
To ensure quality cores, foundries must understand the variables affecting benchlife and monitor them.
Company spokespeople from several of Northern Ontario's major wood industry employers cite three factors that are affecting their ability to do business.
Commissioner, 118 TC 541 (2002), determining an individual was a partner was ruled a partnership item since it would change the number of partners, thereby affecting how much income the other partners reported.
Mental illness is universal, affecting people in all nations and from every background, but poor people in developing countries lack access to many of the most basic resources for effective treatment.
1.556-1 provides that taxable income of an FPHC (which is the starting point for calculating its undistributed FPHC income) is "taxable income of the foreign personal holding company, as defined in section 63(a) (computed without regard to subchapter N, chapter 1 of the Code)."Thus, all the rules affecting recognized built-in losses during the period apply, even though the FPHC itself is not subject to U.S.
For example, stereotypes of African Americans and, specifically, African American women may be negatively affecting Benita's career development regarding how others view her and the expectations that they have of her.