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Synonyms for affectedness

artificial behavior adopted to impress others

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Synonyms for affectedness

the quality of being false or artificial (as to impress others)

a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display

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and thus shape the ways in which affectedness works?
Fagan (1992:65), on the basis of examples like those in (4) (her examples), in which the verbs read and photograph form acceptable middles, despite not having affected arguments, concludes that affectedness is not a relevant factor in middle formation.
Among the topics are subjectification and the Russian perfective, the notion of affectedness in expressing interpersonal functions, metonymy-induced polysemy in Germanic and Slavic languages, metaphors and metonymies in Serbian proverbs containing names of animals, metaphorical expressions in Polish legal language, and metaphor validation in polysemous structures as seen in Serbo-Croatian bilingual dictionaries.
So American naturalness, when combined with elegance and sincerity, is superior to European aristocratic affectedness.
Quintilian does not neglect Xenophon, however: " Quid ego commemorem Xenophontis illam iucunditatem inadfectatam, sed quam nulla consequi adfectatio possit?/What should I recall of that sweet unaffected style of Xenophon, but that no affectedness would be able to duplicate it" (Quintilian 10.1.82).
In this way, this spirit-in-the-world character of human being and knowing resembles what Heidegger had called Dasein's Befindlichkeit or "thrownness," that structure of Dasein that finds itself already in a particular environment, already adopting some particular posture toward other things--in short, Dasein's ontological "affectedness." For both thinkers, human being is dynamically oriented toward the infinite horizon of being, toward the whole, and yet it enacts this transcendence through its ordinary "traffic with" (knowing and choosing) material things.
Affectedness of O O totally affected O not affected J.
All this might sound like sentimental kitsch but, at its best, Bradley's art stays on the right side of the line dividing affecting art from mere affectedness. Like T.
If continual political discourses and informed decisions delegate final responsibility to specialized groups of representatives, severe problems of identifying the "affectedness" of social groups and of formalizing the representativeness of differently affected interests necessarily emerge.
Here, the stakeholder rhetoric, by conceptually leveling the interests of individuals or groups with different qualities of affectedness, conceals that not all interests are necessarily equally legitimate.
"Affectedness and Control: A Typology of Voice Systems." Passive and Voice.
Lewis's approach was much more simple, with little of the rubato and affectedness built in to the piece by other performers.
But Duncan spoke honestly, without any affectedness or self-pity.