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Synonyms for affected

Synonyms for affected

not genuine or sincere

artificially genteel

having concern

Synonyms for affected

acted upon

speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression


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being excited or provoked to the expression of an emotion

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There's even a Wildean figure, Jos Vantyler's effete Whitworth scion Leo, who drifts about striking affectedly weary poses and delivering delicious one liners.
The moon, which is of course an age-old symbol of femininity, represents a luminous alternative to the affectedly "feminine" Evangeline, but it necessarily embodies a remote, hypothetical representation of freedom; it is not, as Hepburn assures Hannele, a thing to be jealous of.
McKellen's Marlowe Society training meant that some reviewers found his formal verse-speaking affectedly aureate.
28) With the development of civilization, people learn to control their feelings, and "poetry becomes first pompous and stately--then affectedly refined and ingenious--and finally gay, witty, discursive and familiar.
For Aoecho boomersAo and AomillennialsAo born from 1980 to 1990, beautiful is counter-intuitively clumsy, affectedly unsleek, modular and angular, as in Wi-Fi consoles, iPhones and the large, squarish heads of the Jonas Brothers.
He thus proposes translating the phrase as "neque mendax erat--he would not lie by any meanes, for that affectedly he stands upon hereafter" (90).
In A Lover's Complaint letters are 'With sleided silk feat and affectedly l Enswathed and sealed to curious secrecy' (ll.
1999) ("And it is expressly to execute these powers that the sweeping clause, as it has been affectedly called, authorizes the national legislature to pass all necessary and proper laws.
This is a society where an affectedly gay surface (in the old sense of the word) thinly cloaks mutual and self-loathing.
Howie has zero uncertainty about his sexuality, and the actor even makes his affectedly languid delivery and effete hand gestures a natural extension of who he is.
A heterosexual individual when s/he acts playfully, affectedly, and excessively can be jokingly branded as an agi, as in the Akeanon banter, 'Oh no, there you are agiing (behaving like an agi) again.
Narrator Landrum is marvelous: great at voicing females and males, and at getting the affectedly bored and ironic tone of the characters just right.
It is not only the common people and so-called half-educated who have picked up foreign or new words they do not understand in order to display them ornamentally or affectedly in the embroidery of their speech patterns.
He loses patience with William Morris, whose recipes for improving life, art and architecture 'are both inadequate and affectedly naive'.
When Caddy fails (from Quentin's perspective) to fulfill her role, Quentin must affectedly attempt to fill an archaic role of masculine honor, and when still this fails, he then attempts to fill Caddy's role himself as demure virgin.