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Mehboob Sultan said that his ministry was in complete liaison with provincial agriculture departments for updates regarding the affected villages and subsequent loss to crops due to recent rains, especially in Punjab Province.
He said that four children fall prey to measles while 13 others were affected and shifted to Saidu Sharif Hospital which also lacks the appropriate treatment facilities for measles affected children.
Results of confirmatory factor analysis confirmed the two-factor structure of positive affect and negative affect scale suggesting that the scale has two distinct domains, i.e.
The collection's insistence on the need to theorise the affective facet of networked communication builds on each of the editor's individual publications in the field and also finds company with recent publications including Athina Karatzogianni and Adi Kuntsman's edited collection Digital Cultures and the Politics of Emotion: Feelings, Affect and Technological Change (2012) and Joanne Garde-Hansen and Kristyn Gorton's Emotion Online: Theorizing Affect on the Internet (2013).
The Kickstarter project will run for 30 days and will help Affect raise seed capital to bring the company to the next level.
Fredrickson and her colleagues (2003) argued that positive affect helps build resiliency in individuals, allowing them to flourish even when faced with difficult situations.
Wetherall (social psychology, Open U.) reviews and interrogates main lines of thinking about emotions and affect by social researchers.
Having emerged in 1995, affect theory is one of the recent day theoretical approaches to various fields in the humanities and social sciences.
Affect Intensity Measure (Larsen, 1984) to measure Affect Intensity and Mini Marker Personality Inventory (Saucier, 1994) were used to assess different personality traits like, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Openness/Intellect, Emotional Stability, and Conscientiousness.
The present study examined the effectiveness of a multimodal psychotherapeutic approach, combining cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnosis (CBTH), to reduce negative affect and increase positive affect in 40 women undergoing breast cancer radiotherapy.
Participants completed a package of questionnaires including: the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Short Scale (EPQ-RS; Eysenck & Eysenck, 1991), Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (ERQ; Gross & John, 2003) and general dimension scales of Positive Affect and Negative Affect -Expanded Form (PANAS-X; Watson & Clark, 1994).
Wondering what could cause this boy and other family members to lack pain sensation, woods' group scanned the genomes of six of the other children who were affected by the condition.
It was found that student cultural orientations affect student satisfaction with collaborative learning.
"Capital (resources, assets) has become a favored way of thinking about SES because access to financial capital (material resources), human capital (nonmaterial resources such as education), and social capital (resources achieved through social connections) are readily connectable to processes that directly affect well-being" (Bradley & Corwyn, 2002, p.