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of or relating to the philosophical study of causation

relating to the etiology of a disease

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In a developing country like India, severe LRTIs follow a complicated course and management is often difficult due to the problems associated with the identification of aetiological agents and the administration of appropriate treatment in cases requiring antibiotic therapy.
Further studies are vital for a better understanding and identification of the possible aetiological factors.
This variation in aetiological factors and age maybe due to difference in cultural and dietary habits in Indians from other countries.
Aetiological factors of the MDS are largely unknown, with the exception of alkalyting agents, ionizing radiation and benzene (24-26).
Identification of malpresentations and their aetiological factors is of vital importance to reduce perinatal morbidity and mortality.
There was no significant association between the occurrence of single, multiple or unknown aetiological factors and the severity of GMD, (p=0.
Aetiological agents were identified on the basis of physical, biochemical and microbiological examination of the collected samples.
8) This workshop classified the condition into two main aetiological groups: aqueous deficient dry eye (ADDE) and evaporative dry eye (EDE).
These are important to: (i) better understand the aetiological mechanisms of asthma; (ii) identify new causes; and (iii) identify new therapeutic measures.
suggesting intrinsic weakness as the aetiological factors for the condition.
There are very few studies in the literature that explore the various aetiological factors of pancytopenia with hypocellular and cellular marrows.
Initially, the patient received aetiological anti-parasitic treatment (both scabies and pedicures), topical and systemic treatment for pruritus, but the symptoms persisted, although during hospitalization skin lesions were significantly improved (under supervision the patient couldn't self-induce abrasions).
To gain a detailed understanding of aetiological models of a subset of schizophrenia, herein the author has reported on a review of the literature relating to the immunity- and viral-based aetiological models of schizophrenia.