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Synonyms for aetiological

of or relating to the philosophical study of causation

relating to the etiology of a disease

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This could be due to the local non-availability of the pterins analysis and DHPR activity needed for the aetiological work-up of HPA in Pakistan, logistic limitations in outsourcing of these tests to overseas labs, and lack of awareness of the general paediatricians about the diagnostic approach for HPA.
Complete neurological examination was done to find out any aetiological factors, focal neurological deficits or complications.
The most frequent aetiological factors were various malignancies (10 cases, 28.5%) and perforation of Meckel's diverticulum (8 cases, 22.8%).
Chronic HBV infection remains the most compelling aetiological factor.
Table-II: Detail of patients with aetiological factors.
This study has shown that the factors associated with the severity of GMDs in CP patients are the neurological subtypes of CP, the aetiological factors, malnutrition, and the number of accompanying impairments.
A cross sectional study of the clinical profile and aetiological spectrum of pancytopenia in a tertiary care centre.
(4, 8) Many patients don't believe their illness is psychiatric and they delay the right diagnosis and treatment by repeated addressing to multiple dermatologists, trying various aetiological and symptomatic anti parasitic therapies without results.
These similarities argue in favour of an autoimmune aetiological model of schizophrenia.
A collegial conversation between two Australian homoeopaths covers the management and treatment of some challenging cases of children with allergies and eczema, and reveals some of the most contemporary methods currently in use: using constitutional homoeopathic treatment with intercurrent aetiological remedies; anti-inflammatory remedies like Apis, Ars, Cham and Nux vom; and the work of homoeopath Jon Gamble on obstacles to cure.
Whilst it is poorly understood whether these abnormalities are aetiological factors or secondary manifestations, their correction often results in improved ASD behaviour.
Seatbelt trauma, especially in children where the belt crosses the smaller abdomen, has been suggested as a possible aetiological mechanism.
On admission to tertiary care, an aetiological differential diagnosis for the pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO) [1] (Table 2) included retropharyngeal abscess, Lemierre's syndrome, HIV seroconversion, and adult onset Still's disease (AOSD).
Vitamin D and autoimmunity: new aetiological and therapeutic considerations.