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Synonyms for aestivation

(zoology) cessation or slowing of activity during the summer

(botany) the arrangement of sepals and petals in a flower bud before it opens

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Rose Pond Conservation Area was flooded suddenly when the levee broke in early July, about the time when most yellow mud turtles would have started aestivation after nesting.
Hemlock woolly adelgid abundance in all treatments declined by Oct when the insects came out of aestivation and began feeding again.
This simulated dry season effects leading to embryonic aestivation and container filling has similarity to flooding of natural habitats.
plants--to colonize), perithecium, EES eesome (attractive to the eye), teesoo (Dhak flowers) ES Esau, thesis, obese IC ici, police IES gieseckite (variety pinite), Schoenflies (mathematician) IS isblink, artiste, piste, ambergris, kris ISS pelisse (a fur garment), camiss (a Muslim shirt) OES oestrin AES aestivation, quaestor EAS Easter, yeast, grease, increase EEC fleece, Greece EIS eis-blink, leister (a fishing spear) EYS keystone IEC piece IIS iisblink (a luminous appearance on the horizon) caused by the reflection of light from ice) OEC oecist (the founder of an ancient Greek colony), dioecy IX Dix (the lowest trump in Bezique and other card games) short 's' sound followed by long 'E' sound.
If the title track is very like a Threadgill piece, the follow-up, Aestivation, is far closer to a conventional ballad format than anything Ellman's former leader would put out.
Another potential cause of gene flow between successive cohorts may be prolonged hibernation or aestivation.
The predominant, generally deep-pit form of Rusophycus that is present might represent escape, concealment or aestivation.
Despite their prior placement in Apiaceae subfamily Hydrocotyloideae, the affinity of these genera to Araliaceae has been noted as far back as Seemann (1863), who concluded that the valvate petal aestivation of Hydrocotyle warranted its transfer to Araliaceae.
this variation in temperature may force the snake to resort to hibermat or aestivation as a natural response to climate changes in the environment.
Income breeding allows an aquatic snake Seminatrix pygaea to reproduce normally following prolonged drought-induced aestivation.
Mohave ground squirrels are diurnally active from approximately midMarch to late July annually; entering aestivation once sufficient fat stores have been acquired.
Asymmetry by Spiral or Irregular Phyllotaxis and by Imbricate Perianth Organ Aestivation.
This particular snail is active primarily during the wet season (May through November) with aestivation occurring during dry periods.
Imbricate organ aestivation is an additional kind of asymmetry but was not considered here, except for contort petal aestivation, which may lead to relatively conspicuous asymmetry.