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sleep during summer

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The time required to reach 50% mortality (L[T.sub.50]) for aestivating snails (n = 80) was 308 days (Fig.
December 1992 was a very dry and cool month as well as the onset of the dry season, snail population was high, but many aestivating individuals were found.
The lowest proportion of aestivating individuals was recorded in June (1.0%; n= 100) and September 1993 (0.9%, n=116).
Indeed, cursory examination of the soil beneath the cages at several sites in spring yielded aestivating earthworms.
The tuberous Drosera erythrorhiza, when grown in a sand culture in a greenhouse, produced the same biomass of aestivating dormant tubers even under different conditions of root nutrient supply or insect feeding.
No conclusions can be made from the alligator's body position, as it may have died while hibernating during a prolonged cold period, or while aestivating during a prolonged drought.
It is noteworth that, in addition to aestivating, adults overwinter in a photoperiodically regulated diapause, which also involves a genetically variable switch mechanism (Tauber and Tauber, 1982).
Gross and histological morphology of the swimbladder and lack of accessory respiratory structures in Lepidogalaxias salamandroides, an aestivating fish from western Australia.
Hibernating or aestivating lizards and incubating eggs may also be susceptible to applied chemicals that leach through the soil.
Storey (2002) showed that in aestivating snails, polysaccharides are the first metabolic source of energy and, after being depleted, proteins and lipids are used to this purpose.