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sleep during summer

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The adult weevils aestivate away from fields during the summer months and return to clover in the fall to feed on clover leaves and mate.
Prenolepis species differ from most ant species because they forage during cool weather and aestivate during the hottest months.
Acanthina aestivate during the summer months, and the conic morph may have greater fitness during this time of year even in areas where the snail is common during the rest of the year.
fulgens reproduced and did not aestivate during the dry months when kept in moist terraria (Barrientos 1996, 1998), but a different behavior has been reported for other species like Trochoidea seetzeni (Ward and Slotow 1992).
However, death by desiccation would be less likely for adult snails, considering that they can burrow into the substrata and aestivate until pools refill (Pennak, 1989).
Once water becomes available, the ponds are quickly re-populated leading one to believe that most do not move to other ponds, but rather aestivate nearby.