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(rare) of or occurring in summer


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The welcome aestival pause from the daily rigors of the school year brings with it that most treasured commodity in educators' lives: time.
If something is "aestival" it belongs to or appears in which season of the year?
3.30 Brighton Totequadpot Challenge Cup Handicap 1m4f ATR Card page 29 Key stat Sir Mark Prescott is three winners from his last nine runners in 3yo+ handicaps at the course and is represented by Aestival FRONT-RUNNER Eton Fable won last year's Totequadpot Challenge Cup Handicap "with something in hand", according to the Racing Post's on-the-spot comments reporter, and the question punters will ponder today is whether the horse had 7lb to spare.
Sir Mark Prescott's Aestival can defy a penalty in the Hyundai At Constitution Motors Handicap (8.55).
TODAY'S SARABAND SELECTIONS BRIGHTON: 2.00 Lucky Leigh, 2.30 Afkar, 3.05 Douchkette, 3.40 Aestival, 4.15 Stanley Rigby, 4.50 Yourgolftravel Com, 5.25 Super Yellow.
This pattern of spermatogenesis fits the "aestival spermatogenesis" of Saint Girons (1982).
The plant flowers in the second summer, either in early July (aestival type) or in August (autumnal type; Wettstein 1895), normally with 5-15 flowers and 5-20 cm high (Lennartsson, in press).
Its seasonal cycle involves a well-defined switch that governs whether adults undertake reproduction or enter diapause-mediated aestival dormancy (see Fig.
Lay of the day Aestival 9.00 Leicester A typical improver from the Sir Mark Prescott yard who has been freshened up after completing a quickfire fast-ground hat-trick over 1m2f.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.00 Lucky Leigh, 2.30 Afkar, 3.05 Douchkette, 3.40 Aestival, 4.15 Stanley Rigby, 4.50 Yourgolftravel Com, 5.25 Super Yellow.
torquata has an aestival testicular cycle in Idaho (sensu Saint Girons 1982).
Nonetheless, food has been shown to be a major factor regulating diapause for a few species of insects, particularly those that undergo aestival rather than hibernal diapause (Taber et al.
Sir Mark Prescott's Aestival, a 2-5 shot, duly pulled off his quick-fire hat-trick in the 1m2f handicap, but at one stage it looked unlikely that it would be by as far as three lengths.
Individuals of Aedes sierrensis enter a long-day induced aestival, embryonic diapause (Jordan 1980) and a short-day induced hibernal, larval diapause (Jordan and Bradshaw 1978); consequently, they are univoltine.