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(art) the branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste (emphasizing the evaluative criteria that are applied to art)

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Blunt, "have had the good fortune, the leisure to develop their intelligence and their beauty in aesthetic conditions as this charming woman had?
The little it saw of her was in the Bois for a few hours every year, riding by the side of a man of unique distinction and of exclusive tastes, devoted to the cult of aesthetic impressions; a man of whom, as far as aspect, manner, and behaviour goes, she might have been the daughter.
Guillet de Monthoux, Letiche, and Carter and Jackson enliven their chapters with photographs which help to create some sense of the felt meaning of what they are talking about, and although none of these chapters would be called great works of art, there is a recognition here that organizational aesthetics scholars are aware of the aesthetics of what they are doing--that is they are trying to do aesthetics as well as talk about it.
Designed for applications requiring a soft-touch feel and good aesthetics (including surface aesthetics and cob arability), the Kraton RP grades are also said to give processors a wide processing window for complex mold geometry.
But there is also the question of aesthetics. To the untrained eye, a traditional Japanese teahouse, with its clay walls, paper windows and thatched or tiled roof--a costly luxury in today's city--is easily dismissed as a humble potting shed.
But the UIA will never get very far if it continues to try to promote such concerns with waffly and hectoring rhetoric like 'Aesthetics as an expression of social and cultural identity, which can be found in culturally conveyed architecture and given form and structure in public spaces, needs to be revitalized ...
Theatre and Feminist Aesthetics. Associated University Presses.
In the special-needs world of designing for seniors, do hospitality planning principles and aesthetics really work?
The Politics of Judgment: Aesthetics, Identity, and Political Theory.
This is the "stuff" of graduate seminars in contemporary art and aesthetics. Greenberg is regarded as one of the most influential art critics of the mid-20th century.
The Aesthetics of Italian Renaissance Art: A Reconsideration of Style.
IN THE preface to Phantom Formations, Marc Redfield describes as its `central argument' the views that `the notion of the Bildungsroman brings into sharp focus the promises and pitfalls of aesthetics, and that aesthetics in turn exemplifies what we call ideology' (p.
Gulf Capital, a leading alternative asset manager in the Middle East, said that it has acquired a 70 per cent stake in Medica Holding, a top service provider of aesthetics, cosmetics and dermatology equipment and products in the region.
Muscat: Gulf Capital, one of the largest and most active alternative asset managers in the Middle East, announced on Monday that it has acquired a 70 per cent stake in Medica Holding, the leading service provider of aesthetics, cosmetics and dermatology equipment and products across the Middle East.
Summary: Gulf Capital has announced that it has acquired a 70 per cent stake in Medica Holding, a service provider of aesthetics, cosmetics and derma...