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one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature


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Sinfield writes that an important impact on the public imagination "helped to produce a major shift in perceptions of the scope of same-sex passion" and the solidification of a queer image: "the entire, vaguely disconcerting nexus of effeminacy, leisure, idleness, immorality, luxury, insouciance, decadence and aestheticism, which Wilde was perceived, variously, as instantiating, was transformed into a brilliantly precise image" (3).
If Cutler's work is old-fashioned, so are her women: The floppy spotted bow at Aneliese's throat speaks of nineteenth-century aestheticism, while Agnes's lace collar, is, well, a lace collar.
The pair of narrative dialogues that take place in "The Decay of Lying" and "A Dialogue on Poetic Morality" thus parallel the cultural dialogue enacted by the authors themselves as they borrow, reject, and revise each other's notions about art in their fashioning of British Aestheticism.
Here too the liturgies of the Church are seen as vehicles of revealed truth capable of beautification through art but always at peril of being undone through aestheticism.
The programme itself was a tasteful medley of literary aestheticism.
This had a notable impact on Western decorative arts, greatly influencing two major artistic movements in Europe, namely aestheticism and art nouveau.
It is fortunate that the show has been mounted this year, while 'The Pre-Raphaelite Lens' at the Musee d'Orsay and 'The Cult of Beauty' at the V&A are still fresh in the memory--Grimshaw's art makes much more sense in the context of photography and Aestheticism.
Possible-Impossible: conceptual designs for urban aestheticism [exhibition of sculpture, digital photography, text] - Until October 31 (Mon-Fri 3pm-7pm)
1-2 [2010]: 160-179), "Swinburne played an important, if often neglected, role in establishing an experimental style of critical prose linked to Aestheticism and made famous by his near-contemporary Pater" (p.
The Grey", by Wouwerman, who was popularly known as the horse painter, is like a composition with several figures painted in bright colours, Michael Sweerts' work titled "A Painter's Studio", which blends realism with aestheticism, and Emanuel de Witte's and Adriaen van Ostade's works on the fish market, the popular theme of those days, are a major attraction for the visitors.
Though this dimension of Kant's philosophy was undeveloped by him, it provides the basis for what Shaviro calls a critical aestheticism, an approach to metaphysics that renders the judgment of singular, aesthetically affective phenomena to be the fundamental dimension of experience and of reality.
Desire and Dramatic Form is thus an important text; its contribution consists both in its choice of increasingly overlooked non-Shakespearean texts--Marlowe's lyric poems and plays, the drama of Middleton, Webster, Ford, and Cavendish--and in its embrace of a critical mode consigned by historicism to the graveyard of literary studies: aestheticism.
They put on ear plugs to avoid the aestheticism of vuvuzela.
The two sides also underlined academic cooperation between Iran and Kazakhstan in training and research fields, preservation and development of the two countries' arts, holding training workshops between the two academies and conducting research projects on the philosophy of art, aestheticism, cinema and theater.
He is trying to recreate the aestheticism of earlier melodies, at the same time preserving the purity of origin with a touch of beauty.