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in a tasteful way


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Aesthetically You has recently introduced their signature skincare range specifically developed to maintain good skin on a daily basis.
Ex-KLF frontman Bill Drummond, who had a No.1 hit with The Timelords, said he had been "morally and aesthetically" offended by the advert in Montague Street, Digbeth.
With the aim to provide quality residential properties, the Muscat-based real estate development company carefully selected locations in Azibah, Khuwair and Qurm, to create practical living spaces that are aesthetically designed with the expertise of professionals in this field, said a company release.
In the late eighteenth century, putting sacred artifacts in an art museum turned them into works of art, making it possible to see Christian painting and sculpture purely aesthetically. And then art historians could present the story of art in secular terms.
This time, the camera follows 16 students straggling with the question "What comes next?" EyeOpener's mission to present strong storytelling and aesthetically interesting work is achieved in this lively film, which is full of great dance scenes.
OLC is committed to offering a variety of architecturally distinctive home designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also emphasizes the livability of its homes for generations to come.
Kern suggested this would make an excellent addition to a student recital, providing variety and an aesthetically enriching experience.
Aesthetically, Tiny Tillia is right on the money: kids are usually thrilled to have products made just for them, and with lovable animals and prints adorning each bottle, the bath time struggle might just wash away.
In Architecture and Utopia in the Era of the French Revolution by Anthony Vidler (Basel: Birkhauser, 2006, [pounds sterling]23), Ledoux's influential buildings and designs are presented and interpreted both aesthetically and historically, reflecting their complex character between emblem and instrument, spectacle and shelter, ideal and utopia--revealing the architect's allegiance to the twin principles of classicism and utopianism.
For the forty-four-piece Americas, 2005, he used the front pages of the eponymous newspaper, an organ of the Organization of American States, the progression of which literally and aesthetically "pages through" the ideology of the Cold War.
Their individual and collected perceptions of things "beautiful," both aesthetically and physically, academically and morally--to some extent--are held close and expressed with convincing conviction.
One of the newest additions to the "Model Railroader" book list, Realistic Model Railroad Building Blocks: An Introduction To Layout Design Elements by model railroading expert Tony Koester focuses upon how to apply Layout Design Elements--that is, visually and operationally recognizable models of small parts of a full-sized railroad--to create a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing model railroad.
And what an aesthetically pleasing--if large--child it is, showcasing on page after page the celebrated designs Kidd, 41, has conjured for books by a pantheon of major contemporary authors.
"Why not give out company awards, presents and office party gifts that are unique, aesthetically pleasing and made from eco-friendly materials?"