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concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

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Finally, in sound, Zettl describes how dialogue, sound effects, and music can orient the audience emotionally, directly set a mood, and provide structure to a screen event to reinforce the visual aesthetical elements already implemented.
In order to clarify this outlook, Schopenhauer's aesthetical perception will be highlighted in the following section.
In the first chapter, Smith and Duffy start by discussing the differences between ethical, aesthetical and economic values, and argue that though interrelated, economical values play an increasingly larger role in modern tourism development.
This new translation of the original German edition of 1963 brings fresh perspectives on love in the theological, aesthetical form.
Although inculcated with a strong aesthetical sense from extensive world travel, experience in the antique business and many prolific years as an interior designer, Lewis doesn't measure the success she has had in designing a space solely by the attractiveness invoked by its fine accoutrements, furniture, carpeting, layout and/or decorations.
Some people say the designs are trucking symbols, others Indian symbols, but True Value believes they're nothing more than aesthetical accents to gray walls.
Those who are against the plants are mostly resisting them for aesthetical reasons, having little issue with wind power as such.
ThyssenKrupp Glass Bridges and fixed links offer clear benefits to the airport development: aesthetical compatibility; enhancement of the passenger experience, interchangeability of components; and improvement of safety and security.
Fragmentation permits one to escape the moral unity of the self and become a mere role-player, one who approaches life in an exclusively aesthetical and apparently free manner.
95--This study concerns the role of reflective judgment in both aesthetical appreciation and one's serf-understanding in relation to an unfamiliar other.
Oh yes, and of course we speak about sustainability and 'environmental imperatives', but still we have to look at this kind of all-glass shoeboxes, designed with no regard for orientation, energy consumption and so on, built on strictly aesthetical considerations (needless to say, not a single user in the photographs -- perhaps they would have been higher than 2.
Satori finds a meaning hither-to hidden in our daily concrete particular experiences," Suzuki explains, regarding the world from the "religious aesthetical angle of observation.
Burston, a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Culture and Communication at New York University, looks at the commercial, production-based, and aesthetical implications of this global-industrial transformation.
In the interest of all, it is forbidden to stand clothes out of the balcony, in a way to alter the aesthetical decorum of residence, and it won't be able to go in the apartment, a number of more persons than beds available.