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concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

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Accurate service life time prediction, service life costing and aesthetical performance models of recently available wooden building materials are within interest of producers and final users.
And since this lens can register a broad, visual range, I would like to focus the aesthetical perspective that will be put to hermeneutical use here.
Ruskin makes the mistake of reducing the aesthetical value of sacred art only to its confessed sacred content, and he excessively simplifies the lines drawn by eminently typological reasoning.
They are ceramic junkyards, albeit brilliant aesthetical wastelands, that belie their difficult gestalt.
Another project undertaken by Eisteddfod organisers this year has seen a more aesthetical approach to building the Maes.
The document was prepared with the purpose of improvement of aesthetical appearance of Bishkek, says the explanatory note to the amendments.
What was not easily accepted earlier for aesthetical reasons, is now possible with the energy elegant dress that Emirates Insolaire can put on every house and building, bringing an important relief to our home planet, and a financial one to the energy user," he added.
The fact that the relationship between natural light and architecture has both an aesthetical and a functional aspect provided a basis for its development within time.
His sign and indication play the central role in aesthetical analogy and communication.
There are different aesthetical approaches to photography.
The dresses were made from modern fabrics but yet look traditional thus further confirming Manuel's aesthetical tastes for both modern and aged stuff.
He added: "In order to maintain the high efficiency and provide the aesthetical appearance for the glass on facades, roof-tops and utility installations, the glass at Emirates Insolaire receives several treatments of interferential nano-metric layers on one side and surface treatment on the other side.
On the aesthetical side of things, everybody hides their building behind glass or paint or so on.
There are many functions related to a building such as structure, climate control, energy savings, aesthetical values, user comfort etc that related to the purpose of the building being built in the first place.
The main part of the book concentrates on the interdependent subjects of technical issues (orchestral technique, tonal and harmonic properties of Szalowski's musical language, his construction of specific musical forms) and the aesthetics of Szalowski's work (the use of humor in his music, and the relationship between it and other aesthetical goals he was trying to achieve, together with examples in specific works).