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Synonyms for aesthetical

concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

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The Managing Director of the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), Sen Olotunnimbe Mamora, said the organisation had concluded arrangement for the development of Lokoja waterfront to add further value to the aesthetical beauty of the town.
Furthermore, we are currently working on paint systems with higher reflectivity to increase the recognizability for LiDAR sensors without affecting the aesthetical approach.
As a Medical Doctor who realizes all surgical and aesthetical stages of a hair transplant operation himself, Dr.
It is just in the last month that Tecno launched its top of the line new smartphone model "Camon i", which has turned out to be a huge success and has achieved a record number of sales within short period due to its aesthetical engineering and top of the line features.
Stimatix GI developed an Artificial Ostomy Sphincter technology which is designed to address the needs of individuals with colostomies, by holistically restoring the various physiological, behavioral and aesthetical functions of healthy anus and rectum.
With Paradise, we try to bring the aesthetical pleasure that comes with amazing colours, amazing shapes, amazing surroundings, and add the perfect soundtrack to an experience and a moment that's dedicated to audio and video stimulation," said James.
- Right content speaks volume: Instagram being the popular visual medium, because of its aesthetical aspects like photo, video, and text can play a vital role in boosting your profile as an influencer.
The young artists have explored their creative flair to enrich the paintings with valued aesthetical addition to already enchanting frames of natural beauty of mystical charms.
Through her book "Al Qeyam El Akhlakeya Wel Gamaleya Fi Bardeyat Wa Gedareyat El Masry El Qadem" (Ethical and aesthetical principles in Ancient Egyptian Papyri and Murals), researcher Salwa Anwar highlights the most essential social principles in the social life of the Ancient Egyptians.
For the first time, they began to cross-breed rare colorful carp, not for food but for pure aesthetical value.
Croatian differs from English and French in two ways: 1) it lexicalizes the two concepts via two different lexemes okus 'taste' and ukus 'system of aesthetical criteria', but in contrast to English and French, they are both derived from the same root kus; 2) ukus can lexicalize 'taste' and 'savour' or 'flavour' as well (although more rarely), which makes it a parasynonym to the noun okus (see chapter 4.1.).
It is the aesthetical nature of literature and specifically the novel which unlocks new realms of experience.
The interior and exterior aesthetical design has been developed as per ADA's specific requirements.
We would not make a mistake attributing aesthetical qualities for the figurativeness and approaching it as the result of creative activeness of consciousness.
Aesthetical because it refers to a regulation of the self in face of an image of what the individual understands he/she should be before the socially elaborated expectations (Bakhtin, 2015).