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Synonyms for aesthetic

Synonyms for aesthetic

showing good taste

Synonyms for aesthetic

(philosophy) a philosophical theory as to what is beautiful

relating to or dealing with the subject of aesthetics


concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

aesthetically pleasing

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The best art manages (as Dogville itself does) to fulfill the promise of the antinomy that Schiller saw as the very root of aesthetic experience and not surrender itself to exemplary (but relatively ineffectual) gestures.
The Syneron platforms are based on Syneron's proprietary elos technology, which combines optical energy and electrical energy (bi-polar radio frequency) to enable a wide range of highly efficient, safe and cost-effective medical aesthetic treatments on all skin types.
In our conversation, I mentioned to Philip Rose something I love from a special matinee, "American Ethics, American Song," performed by the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company (8): a statement by Mr.
This in no way reduces the importance or the value of art or aesthetic experience.
Nowhere is this more the case than with Islam, where the Qur'an is not only the word of God, but an aural treasure whose aesthetic and moral qualities permeate much of Muslim everyday life.
Today, however, the repertoire of Final Days symbols has been expanded to include explicitly aesthetic objects, texts and performances, seen in Christian Contemporary Music, greeting cards, fiction, inspirational prints and calendars, not to mention the highly stylized covers of eschatological doctrine books.
Nick McAdoo ("Sibley and the Art of Persuasion") focuses on the involuntary and passive side of aesthetic appreciation, to which "Sibley was sensitive," and on the limits of appeal to rule and principle.
The essence of this book is expressed in its subtitle: The Need for the Aesthetic Tradition in Contemporary Art Theory and Education.
Aesthetic Frames & Art Services, a primary, full-service designer and manufacturer of decorative mirrors and framing for guestroom art and art displays for the hospitality industry, acquired the assets of Windsor/Vanguard to further expand its distribution channel to the U.
Chapter Three looks closely at the Lewisohn sisters, who became central forces at the Henry Street Settlement House in New York City and later founded the Neighborhood Playhouse to expand upon their aesthetic and social mission.
The philosophical tradition which focuses on understanding if there is an aesthetic attitude and what it consists in is nestled in England and Germany of the 18th and 19th Centuries, and America of the 20*.
It is historical and systematic in nature, since he tries to track down the historical development of aesthetic rationality in order to analyse its structures and derive from its shortcomings reasons to reconstruct it.
McAllister describes scientists' use of aesthetic criteria in theory choice, provides some justification for this practice, and offers a new model of scientific revolutions.
Stunning insights into Renaissance aesthetic theory appeared recently in an unlikely place: the final chapter of Stone by John Sallis, founding editor of Research in Phenomenology and author of six books on contemporary philosophy.
I am going to rely on the notion of an aesthetic property, and on there being a significant distinction between aesthetic and nonaesthetic properties.