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one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature


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Apart from that, the Chinese screen with those typical Oriental motifs as the artistic prototype that inspired Japanese panel screens as an ideal decorative forms assimilated by the Aesthetic Movement of the late nineteenth century, also suggests Acton's preference as a manifesto of the identification of an aesthete. Acton's archaeological reconstruction in his artistic creation, which looks purely as a result of his desire to embrace the East, is after all the manifestation of a certain Western ideology.
They argue he places himself at the end of many traditions: that of the romantics; of the aesthetes and decadents; of the authentically Irish literary and cultural revivalists; of the visionary western love poets, from Dante on.
One staple of the classic, often hagiographic, biographies of Vladimir Jabotinsky is the idea that his life was split into two while his transformation from a Russian journalist and aesthete into a Zionist was decisive and irrevocable.
The image was devised by Paris design agency Aesthete under the direction of Thierry de Baschmakoff.
Sydney, Oct 12 ( ANI ): The Australian media has hailed Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar as a rare and sublime example of a sportsman who satisfied the aesthete and the anorak, claiming that he would be remembered for his style of play as much as the statistics.
Emboldened by an experimental aesthete they maybe, but thankfully their expansive expressionism doesn't lapse into a haphazard pile-up of half-formed ideas that threatens to swamp the melodic intent.
The developer--who rescued the property from a failed conversion by Yair Levy--credits much of the spaces pace to its collaboration with designers such as Adler and Irish star Clodagh, Whose aesthete can be seen throughout the proeprty.
Aesthete designed the bottle and package; Verreries de Manieres (Bormioli Rocco) manufactured the bottle; Calmar provided the pump; Tesem, the collar; and Qualipac, the cap.
The fifty-one third-person scraps and fragments that constitute Ryunosuke Akutagawa's A Fool's Life chronicle the existence of a suicidal aesthete in finde-siecle Japan.
Here is Deer's judgment on the ending of POMF: "Waugh gestures in the patriotic direction by sending the effete upper class aesthete Cedric Lyne to a hero's death in Norway, but neither his old-fashioned death, nor Seal's cynical triumph over a working-class family of evacuees, can fill the gulf left by Ambrose Silk's banishment" (222).
Kierkegaard calls this attitude the "aesthetic" life-view, and the individual who holds it the "aesthete." The aesthetic life-view is characterized by an endless "total negative irony" (9) through which the individual avoids all commitment, all responsibility, and retains his negative freedom at all cost.
The body count holds steady but the bloodshed is considerably easier to take in "Outrage Beyond," the rigorously controlled if excessively labyrinthine sequel to Takeshi Kitano's "Outrage." Reassembling the few surviving characters of that 2010 gorefest for another round of viciously petty yakuza warfare, the Japanese action aesthete plays it cool and smooth in a picture that exerts a steadily tightening grip, though not until after a first hour of near-impenetrable gangster gab that may leave the uninitiated feeling stranded.
Summary: BEIRUT: Oscar Wilde, as well known for his witticisms and personal life as for his literary works, has become a caricature of the 19th-century aesthete. "Wilde at Heart," currently playing at Masrah al-Madina, adds background and detail to the life of a man who was much more than just a dandy.
I was born qualified, I consider myself an aesthete.