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mental responsiveness and awareness

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The disease is known as Surra locally, and is characterized by intermittent fever, progressive anemia, emaciation, edema of the dependent parts of the body, the other common clinical signs are including sweating, lacrimation, nasal discharge, hyper aesthesia, urticarial plaque formation on the skin, conjunctivitis, petechial hemorrhage, hindquarter muscles atrophy and posterior paralysis [4].
Facilities like remote car racing and shooting games enhance children's response sensitivity while augmented reality (AR) games utilising technology and magic let children interact with the latest in virtual reality in areas like the "Water Game Zone", Creative D.I.Y Workshop and Baby Aesthesia Zone.
The 67th session of the Regional Committee discussed some of the important issues related to the region such as "Covering every birth and death: improving civil registration and vital statistics", 'traditional medicine', 'strengthening emergency and essential surgical care and an aesthesia as a component of universal health coverage', 'viral hepatitis' and 'regional strategy on strengthening health workforce education and training' .
In the "10% povidone-iodine" group, 10% povidone-iodine was applied to the burn injury every day under ether aesthesia. The injury area was covered with sterile gauze bandage and this process continued for 21 days.
Aesthetic derives from the Greek "aesthesia," which means sensation, and while Kierkegaard's use of aesthetic connotes other meanings as well, it is fair to say that those in the aesthetic sphere are generally driven by sensation, by desire, by the moment at hand.
exceeds fixed aesthesia g, so there could be distance jump point, describing opening, between them.
To reduce the risk of missing a high-grade recurrence after an initial induction course of BCG, restaging should be performed under aesthesia in all T1Hg bladder cancer patients after immunotherapy.