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of or belonging to Aesculapius or the healing art


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Relics of the Europe's warm past: Phylogeography of the Aesculapian snake'.
Any attempt to eradicate the Aesculapian snake would require justification of resources to be devoted to an almost certainly non-problematic introduced species with little prospects of spread, as opposed to the many far more damaging species already out there.
The cumulative effect of the portraits of Gilbert & George, the triad of Genius, and the subsequent portraits of ballerine Marcia Haydee, sculptor Barbara Hepworth, collector and restaurateur Hulda Zumsteg, and poet/critic Edouard Roditi introduces uncanny, disturbing moments within the Aesculapian dreamscape--under the veneer of serenity.
Now featuring some 100 concise real-life cases, the second edition reflects changes in the field since publication of the 1999 edition and includes new material on farm animals, legal status and value of animals, alternative medicine, Aesculapian authority, ethics of critical care, and animal pain, distress and happiness.
The zoology student is tracking aesculapian rat snakes, which are breeding in the wild after escaping from the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay.
He identifies three types of physician power: Aesculapian (inherent in the physician's fund of specialized knowledge), charismatic (personal traits), and social (conferred status), and the potential for abuse of this power, which he calls "the dark side of the force" (The Healer's Power 20).
Bosola's attempts to help the Duchess revivify put yet another character into the role of the Aesculapian doctor: "She stirs; here's life.