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of or belonging to Aesculapius or the healing art


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The cumulative effect of the portraits of Gilbert & George, the triad of Genius, and the subsequent portraits of ballerine Marcia Haydee, sculptor Barbara Hepworth, collector and restaurateur Hulda Zumsteg, and poet/critic Edouard Roditi introduces uncanny, disturbing moments within the Aesculapian dreamscape--under the veneer of serenity.
Dylan said the aesculapian rat snake can be found throughout Europe but is not native to North Wales.
Bosola's attempts to help the Duchess revivify put yet another character into the role of the Aesculapian doctor: "She stirs; here's life.
While health care spirituality would be a possible name for this field, we admit a bias toward retaining a reference to medicine, whose rich symbolic connection to its hippocratic, and thus aesculapian (ie, spiritual), origin is still reflected in its iconography (eg, the seal of the American College of Surgeons).
Writing to his teacher Justus Liebig in 1849, Max Josef von Pettenkofer (1818-1901) said: "The reagent-case now holds the same position as the crocodile and basilisc used to in the stalls of those itinerant Aesculapian quacks.
He currently chairs the executive board for the medical sciences at UCLA and directs the annual Aesculapian Ball to raise funds for the medical school.
Pond terrapin, together with common tree frog (Hyla arborea) and Aesculapian snake (Elaphe longissima) indicate a fully interglacial climate with a mean July temperature at least 2-3 [degrees] C higher than present (Holman in Ashton et al.