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Synonyms for aery

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

Synonyms for aery

the lofty nest of a bird of prey (such as a hawk or eagle)

any habitation at a high altitude

Related Words

characterized by lightness and insubstantiality

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Aery produced and managed over 30,000 hours of design, engineering, modification, integration, and testing for this contract, which was bid and awarded in January 2018.
The poet's eye, in a fine frenzy rolling, Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven; And as imagination bodies forth Forms of things unknown, the poet's pen Turns them into shapes, and gives to aery nothing A local habitation and a name.
The XRD patterns of the CNT and CNT loaded with PPy-2-MBT-Poly aery lie acid are shown in Fig.
Bethany Aery Clerico assesses Charles Chesnutt's reasons for writing the novel Paul Marchand, F.M.C.
(23) Prior to Kearns, courts were bound to follow Aery because all trial courts in Florida are bound by a district court of appeal's holding absent an interdistrict conflict.
What is gone "Except Rome's aery magnificence, "That last step you'd take first?--an evidence "You were God: be man now!
Aery (1915) reported that "twenty-eight girls ranging in age from eleven to eighteen were received in the institution" during the first year.
cancellatus in upper Permian sediments from the Aery Formation, Prince Charles Mt.
Graubard Miller and Aery Advisors acted as legal advisors for Ladenburg and KMS, respectively.
Website: INGREDIENTS %WT Those A Deionized water 86.31 Zemea (DuPontTate & Lyle) (Propanediol) 5.00 PemulenTR-2 (Lubrizol) (Acrylates/C10-30 Alkvl acrvlate 0.20 crosspolvmer) Syricalm CLR (PC) (CLR) (Water phragmites communis extract 3.00 poria COCOK extract) Euxyl PE 9010 (schiilke) (Phenoxyethannl ethyl 0.80 hexvlgivcerin) Phase B Vitamin F Forte (CLR) (Linoleic acid linolenic acid) 1.00 Phytodefense CLR (CLR) (Glvcine soja (sovbean) oil dicaprylvl 3.00 ether magnolia granditlora bark extract lauryl alcohol) Inolens 4 Organic (Vitiva) 0.05 (Rosmarinus officinalis L extract) Phase C Sepinov EMT 10 (Scppic) 0.30 (Hvdroxyethyl aery late/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer) Phase D NAOH (10%) (Water sodium hydroxide) 0.34
Sachin Solanky, Gopal Rawat, Anand Chaudhary, Abhinav Aery and Suraj Pal coordinated data collection and data processing.
Aery Baptist Church (Bridgeport, CT) announced today a weeklong celebration of Dr.
Aery and Chakravarthy proposed a graph based mining approach for email classification in which structures/patterns can be extracted from a preclassified email folder and the same approach can be used effectively for classifying incoming email messages [13].
Mary Ellen Aery, Law's R First : Pediatric medicine.
A number of previous studies indicate that Si is a nutrient that can enhance the growth and biomass production in various plant species including maize (Vaculik et al., 2009), rice (Alvarez and Datnoff, 2001), barley (Liang et al., 1996), cucumber (Zhu et al., 2004), cowpea (Mali and Aery, 2009) and alfalfa (Guo et al., 2006).