aerospace engineer

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an engineer of aircraft and space vehicles

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Often, aerospace engineers must add material to stiffen aircraft wings.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - NASA Dryden Flight Research Center aerospace engineer Trong Bui will share NASA engineering technology at two universities following his selection as a 2005 NASA Administrator's Fellowship Program Fellow.
Today, after first his immigrant status and then his eyesight kept him out of Air Force pilot training, Bui has realized his dreams of a career in aviation as an aerospace engineer at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center.
He started as an aerospace engineer in 1983 in the company's space shuttle manufacturing operations facility in Palmdale.
Previously, Grasmeyer worked as an aerospace engineer on several unmanned aircraft, including a solar-powered flying wing that holds the world altitude record of nearly 100,000 feet.
Michelle Young, the daughter of a Taiwanese aerospace engineer and an oral surgeon from Brazil, achieved a 4.
This is the best time to get this kind of workout in,'' said Hynes, an aerospace engineer and free-lance photographer.
His re-election opponents were aerospace engineer Richard Lott, a Democrat; software engineer John Gibson, a Libertarian; and avionics engineer Douglas R.
A former aerospace engineer, Ron is firmly headed in that direction.
This is why Harold Rosen, a former aerospace engineer, and his brother Benjamin, a venture capitalist who funded Compaq Computer in 1982 and today is its chairman, are excited about their automotive project.
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